RSP Nutrition Launches New High-Stim Pre-Workout Made With Multi-Benefit Ingredients

Continuing the extension of their best-selling clean energy supplement AminoLean, AminoLean MAX provides more energy, more pump and more focus.

AminoLean MAX Pre-Workout

RSP Nutrition has launched their newest and strongest pre-workout supplement, AminoLean MAX. Packed with innovative and clinically studied ingredients, AminoLean MAX was designed to have multiple benefits, helping people train harder and take their workouts to the next level. 

"Our Original AminoLean has been an industry leader for years, so we decided to extend the AminoLean brand line and take it a step further by developing AminoLean MAX as our strongest high-stimulant pre-workout to date," said Victor Davanzo, CEO of RSP Nutrition.

RSP Nutrition's newest pre-workout combines natural caffeine from green coffee beans with some of the most effective brain nutrients, such as Alpha GPC, to activate mental acuity, stimulate the mind to muscle connection and enhance energy and focus levels.

"Our goal was to create a pre-workout supplement that gives our consumers much more than enhanced energy levels," said Kelechi Okere, Executive Vice President at RSP Nutrition. "We wanted to create a high stimulant, nootropic pre-workout that not only gives that increased energy and focus feeling, but also increases performance, pump and lean muscle growth."

AminoLean MAX delivers a full spectrum blend of BCAAs and EAAs to help stimulate muscle protein synthesis, build lean muscle and aid in athletic recovery. Additionally, it combines cutting-edge ingredients such as Nitrosigine with Beta Alanine to maximize pump, increase nitric oxide production, combat muscular fatigue and support muscular endurance. 

"Another important factor when we decided to create AminoLean MAX was to stay true to our core values and create a supplement that is better for you, down to the ingredients list," said Matt Schiffman, Vice President of Brand Management. "AminoLean MAX is vegan friendly and has no artificial flavors or dyes. We wanted to make sure our customers felt comfortable taking a pre-workout that has clean ingredients they can recognize and trust, unlike other traditional pre-workouts."

AminoLean MAX comes in 2 flavors, Passion Fruit Punch and Sweet Peach. It is available for purchase on and will be rolled out into select retail stores later this year. 

About RSP Nutrition

RSP Nutrition is a supplement company that produces natural, all-in-one products so that you never have to sacrifice quality for convenience. RSP Nutrition's goal is for active individuals to become their best selves by creating products that are convenient, effective, easy to understand, and use only clean, proven ingredients. With AminoLean being Amazon's best-seller for years, RSP has been dominating the e-commerce market and has developed major success in retail stores as well. You can shop their supplements at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, HEB, Fresh Thyme and many more.

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Alina Ibarra 

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About AminoLean®

AminoLean® by RSP Nutrition creates good energy products in the form of pre-workout powder and zero-sugar, vegan energy drinks. Using clean, proven ingredients that encourage active individuals to become their best selves, AminoLean’s mission is to provide good energy for any occasion. With over 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, AminoLean is an Amazon best-seller and has quickly grown into one of the fastest growing energy brands in retail, with products available in over 15,000 stores including Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, H-E-B, Publix, Meijer, Wegmans, and many more.

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