RPMC Lasers Announces Exclusive Partnership With LUXMUX

RPMC Lasers Inc, the leading laser distributor in North America, is excited to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with LUXMUX (https://luxmux.com/), allowing us to now offer their full series of broad-spectrum, BeST-SLED® laser products. LUXMUX aims to establish a leadership position in the development and deployment of broadband and ultra-wide tunable light sources, supporting applications within various industry sectors, including but not limited to, fiber optic sensing, metrology, industrial and medical imaging, spectroscopy, optical component testing, and telecom test equipment.

Both companies are excited about their new relationship. “RPMC is a great channel for us in North America because of their knowledgeable staff and foothold in the Photonics industry,” says Yonathan Dattner, President at LUXMUX. “Their thorough knowledge of our products and capabilities has the potential to add to the success of our sales in North America. We are pleased with the efforts of the RPMC team and look forward to a great year.” Dean Micke, President of RPMC Lasers, added, “LUXMUX’s superluminescent diodes are an excellent addition to our product line. The unique, ultra-wideband spectral stitching technique, utilized by LUXMUX, and their ability to offer many different spectral combinations, should make the BeST SLED® laser product line very attractive to many of our customers. We are honored that LUXMUX wants to commit to a long-term relationship.”

LUXMUX designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions with their customers in mind. The technological development processes of their products enable industry-leading capabilities for those applications which require broad spectral coverage. That process allows the team at LUXMUX to redefine spectral boundaries for optical cavity designs that deliver new solutions and applications.

Together, both companies will be better able to provide technical support with their in-depth knowledge of the products, quality professional advice, high-quality support after delivery, and, most importantly, the best laser at a fair price.

To find out more about the LUXMUX products RPMC has to offer, visit https://www.rpmclasers.com/manufacturer/luxmux/.

About LUXMUX: LUXMUX is a Canadian-based photonic company founded in 2011, providing proprietary ultrawide broadband solutions to redefine spectral boundaries capabilities. Our photonic light sources enable industry-leading capabilities across multiple sectors such as sensing, oil and gas, life sciences, and telecom test equipment. Our unique designs power existing applications and will facilitate the emergence of new applications within superluminescent diodes, Fabry Perot lasers, and narrow linewidth lasers.

About RPMC:  RPMC Lasers Inc, founded in 1996, is the leading laser distributor in North America. We are an OEM supplier working with the technology leading laser manufacturers from the US and Europe.  RPMC supports the Industrial, Medical, Military, and Scientific markets.  RPMC offers diode lasers, laser modules, solid-state lasers and amplifiers, and fiber lasers and amplifiers.  Also, we provide a wide range of custom solid-state lasers and laser diode subsystems.

Source: RPMC Lasers, Inc.

About RPMC Lasers Inc

RPMC Lasers Inc (Incorporated in 1996) is the leading laser distributor in North America. We offer diode lasers, laser modules, solid-state lasers and amplifiers, and fiber lasers and amplifiers. We also offer custom laser and laser diode solutions.

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