RP Optical USA Launches Advanced Thermal Camera Systems, Mr. Devin S. Standard Named CEO

No NRE Custom Optical Design-Lens to Camera-SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, Multi-Spectral

RP Optical USA formed in Mt. Dora, Florida

It is with great pleasure that Mr. Ran Carmeli, CEO of RP Optical Labs introduces Mr. Devin S. Standard, CEO and the establishment of RP Optical USA in Florida. Standard is an accomplished optical industry veteran with decades of experience in IR materials, IR optics, thermal systems, night vision technology and IR cameras. 

RP Optical USA will be offering Multi-Spectral systems, IR cameras, our proprietary Advanced Thermal Video Processing Engine, IR zoom lenses, IR fixed lenses, and custom, no-NRE fees, electro-optical developments to the US market. RP Optical USA specializes in thermal optics and systems (SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and Multi-Spectral) for homeland security, C-UAS, satellite, aircraft, drones, medical, ground and space vehicles applications. 

Another advantage for customer's RP Optical USA service is leading turnaround time due to robust inventory and vertical integration of lens making, electronics and camera assembly in-house. RP Optical USA is aimed for US customer support, maintenance facility and engineering, resulting in full local market support for US customers.

Mr. Standard says, "Our Florida home is just right for recruiting experienced Opto-Electronics technologists, and for serving, the Space Industry, DOD, Prime Defense Contractors, LIDAR manufacturers, Scientific companies and the University of Central Florida's CREOLE." RP Optical USA is open for business. Come to RP Optical USA for already developed systems or come for custom No-NRE optical developments!






Source: RP Optical USA

About RP Optical USA

RP Optical USA specializes in infrared systems, specifically the design and manufacturing of SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and Multi-Spectral optics, systems, cameras, and proprietary thermal engines. RP Optical USA is known for Zero NRE for custom optical projects as well as long-range cameras, folded optics and light-weight optical systems.

RP Optical USA
18848 US HWY 441 , #Suite 111
Mt. Dora, Fl