Royal Title™ Partners With the Utah Royals FC Professional Women's Soccer Team

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​​​Royal Title was founded by Sally Farrar and Dell Loy Hansen with a bold vision and dream: To bring Royal Title to the consumer and women’s professional athletes to the forefront.

Farrar, who is the founding member of Elevated Title company FKA Liberty Title Company, has been in the title industry for over 20 years. Farrar states, “In 2001, I was golfing with a childhood friend and in my last year of law school. I had delayed my career to raise my children and was ready to enter the business world. We were discussing how I was going to start a career, bring social change and raise two aspiring athletes, all at the same time. I wasn’t quite sure how I could do it all. My friend, who owned a mortgage company, suggested I open a title company. I wouldn’t have to be in court every day and could coach my kids and make social change along the way.” While Farrar was able to start her career and raise her children, the social change she dreamed of was put aside. Elevated Title grew from a one-state title company to a national title company.

Dell Loy Hansen is an extremely successful businessman and the father of six daughters. He is also the owner of the Utah Royals FC in the National Women’s Soccer League, adding to his existing ownership of Real Salt Lake in Major League Soccer and Real Monarchs in the USL Championship. Over the last 10 years, Hansen has become a prominent figure in the realm of Utah’s sports scene. Since initially joining the Real Salt Lake ownership group in 2009, he has acquired full ownership of the club, expanded into the USL and built state-of-the-art training facilities - all before expanding into the women’s game in 2017 when he founded Utah Royals FC in the NWSL.

Featuring some of the most recognizable names in U.S. women’s soccer and talented players from around the world, Utah Royals FC has maintained the level of excellence in bringing a world-class entertaining brand of soccer to the pitch at Rio Tinto Stadium while expanding on the organization’s ideology of inclusion and community involvement off the field.

Under former Utah Gov. Michael Leavitt, Hansen served nine years on the State’s Board of the Department of Business and Economic Development, two of those years as chairman.

In 2019, Hansen was looking for a title company to handle his commercial transactions. Farrar said, "I was in Atlanta with my family as my father was undergoing heart surgery and received a call from my CBO, Brian Lemke, who asked me to come back for a meeting. I asked him to attend the meeting without me. I had no idea who Dell Loy was. I looked him up and saw he was the owner of the Utah Royals FC and I decided to take that meeting.”


The title meeting between the two quickly turned to women’s soccer. Farrar’s dreams to bring about social change were based on her personal childhood experiences. Growing up in Georgia in the '70s through the '80s, there were not many opportunities for a girl to play sports. “I was so blessed to have parents that nurtured my dreams of playing sports. At age 5, my father signed me up for the boys' t-ball league because there was no girls league. I was tiny, super-short, but fast and LOVED sports. Soccer was not even an option for me until junior high where I was permitted to play on the boys' team, but by high school, I wasn’t even allowed to try out for the boys' team and there was no girls team.” Farrar attributes her success in business to her sports days. “Everything I have achieved comes from a place inside of me that was developed on a field or court - my desire to win, to work with others, my drive and tenacity - they all came from those pressure situations and moments of defeat and frustration and learning to never give up, never quit and that a tiny girl could not only compete with the boys but beat them.” That tenacity led Farrar to become a very successful CEO and businesswoman.

Farrar grew to understand that there were inequities in the world, both in sports and business. As a young girl who was denied equal opportunities in sports and as the mother of one boy and one girl, she dreamed of a world where each of her children would have equal opportunities to pursue their passions, no matter what they might be. For Farrar, her passion to pursue sports wasn’t possible. “Girls weren’t encouraged to play sports when I was growing up. Girls sports were looked down upon. But I loved it. I thrived on the field. I learned lessons that prepared me for life; my success as a CEO comes directly from my experiences in sports.

“When I met Dell Loy, as crazy as it sounds, he was an answer to my prayers. I had a deep-seated desire, a call to action if you will, that awakened after hearing Muffet McGraw’s passionate answer about women in leadership at the 2019 women’s final four press conference. I cried when I heard that answer. I had buried my desires, put them aside, to raise my kids. I never saw myself as anything special. I don’t know why, but I never thought about me being a women business owner or CEO as special. When Muffet said that young girls need to see role models and business leaders, I knew I had to make a difference. But how?

“Dell Loy is an incredible advocate for women. He is as passionate about women in sports as I am. It was instantly apparent that he cared deeply for his women’s team and it wasn’t because he was the owner. He is the ultimate 'girl dad' - he has SIX daughters! When he talked about the players and the Royals, it came from a place of great pride and his unfathomable desire to see them succeed. It was clearly not for his success but for theirs. I know he would never want me to say this but based on his vigor for the Royals FC to succeed, he personally funds a large portion of the club operations. He is a league-wide advocate in the advancement of the NWSL. He loves the women’s game. His stadium and accommodations for the women rival no other. I also noticed he surrounded himself with strong women in leadership roles. I knew immediately I wanted to work with him. Never in a million years did I think we would be partners.”

Their passion and visions lined up perfectly and Royal Title was born. The title industry has never been direct-to-consumer and they wanted to change that. More and more homebuyers are going online and choosing their lender. Farrar and Hansen believe consumers should be allowed to choose their title company as well. “No one really knows what Title is.” Farrar says. “In many ways we are like women’s sports, no one really knows how great the women’s game is and who they are or who we are … we want to change that.” Together, Hansen and Farrar believe there is an opportunity to grow awareness with both title and women’s professional sports.

It's really never been done. Royal Title has not directly advertised to the consumer and never partnered with a women’s professional team. Consumers have allowed the realtor or lender to tell them what title company to use and where to close. Consumers also have few chances to watch women’s professional sports. We believe it should be the consumer’s choice. We believe that partnering with the Utah Royals FC will provide growth for both the title company and the team.

Literally, the best athletes in the world are right here in Utah and the United States. Royal Title wants to provide an opportunity for people to experience an incredible real estate closing transaction and an incredible women’s sporting event. Every Utah consumer who closes with Royal Title receives four game vouchers to attend a Royals FC game.

Every time someone closes with Royal Title, a portion of that money goes to support the Utah Royals FC, directly supporting women in sports, which ultimately trickles down to the development of young girls on and off the field, developing future leaders and players.

Source: Royal National Title

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