Royal Biologics Completes 100th Cyro Cord™ Case, Successfully Enrolls First Patient Into Diabetic Foot Ulcer Study

Royal Biologics, an ortho-biologics company specializing in the research and advancement of novel ortho-biologics solutions, today announced the 100th successful implantation of Cryo-Cord™, cryopreserved placental umbilical cord.

They also announced that on Aug. 26 the first subject enrolled in their IRB approved multi-center pilot study to evaluate the efficacy​ of non-dimethyl​ sulfoxide (non-DMSO) viable umbilical cord graft on diabetic food ulcers was treated with Cyro-Cord™ cryopreserved placental umbilical cord graft by Dr. Robert Fridman of Foot Associates of New York.

A next-generation cryopreserved placental umbilical cord allograft, Cryo-Cord™ may be used as an anatomical barrier in numerous clinical applications.

Cryo-Cord™ enables providers with the first DMSO-free viable cell umbilical cord tissue. It is processed using aseptic techniques and frozen with a proprietary cryoprotectant.

Cryo-Cord™ has been obtained with consent from healthy mothers during cesarean section delivery and is intended for use as a soft tissue barrier or wound dressing. The living cellular graft retains the natural properties of placental tissue including nutrient-rich growth factors, cytokines, endogenous cells, and Wharton’s Jelly.

“Cryo-Cord™ offers a new enhancement to traditional wound care therapies and we are excited to pave the way with the first DMSO-free live cellular cryoprotectant graft on the market,” said Salvatore Leo, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Biologics. “The Cryo-Cord™ pilot study signifies the opening of Royal’s wound care division and further builds our growing portfolio of Autologous and Live Cellular solutions.”

The IRB approved Pilot study led by principal investigator Dr. Robert Fridman will look to show the advantages of using this novel next-generation option for wound care.

“The ability to use a living cellular graft to treat difficult-to-heal diabetic wounds is a game-changer. This vulnerable population is consistently at risk of amputation, and having a non-DMSO umbilical cord graft like Cryo-Cord™ is an exciting tool to use in my armamentarium against DFU,” said Fridman. “I am excited to be the principal investigator in a multi-center clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of Cryo-Cord™ for diabetic foot ulcers.”

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Royal Biologics is a life science company specializing in the advancement of regenerative medicine using proprietary technologies targeting point of care autologous stem cell therapies. To learn more, visit

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Royal Biologics is a Life Science Company specializing in the advancement of regenerative medicine using proprietary technologies targeting point of care autologous stem cell therapies.

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