Royal Air's Digital Transformation: A Dual Masterpiece by Avian Solutions

Discover How Royal Air Charter and Avian Solutions Are Transforming the Aviation Landscape with Innovative Operational Techniques and a Trailblazing Digital Platform.

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Avian Solutions, a leader in aviation technology and design, proudly announces the successful completion of a dual-faceted project for Royal Air Charter. Demonstrating its unparalleled expertise in delivering complex, integrated solutions in the aviation industry, this project marks a significant milestone. Royal Air Charter, renowned for specializing in Private Jet Charters, Air Freight, and Jet 1 Suite services for aircraft owners, has been an influential player in the aviation sector for over 60 years. With a diverse fleet of more than 50 aircraft, Royal Air Charter continues to set industry standards.

Innovative Empty Leg Alerts and Jet 1 Suite Management

In its endeavor to set new standards, Avian Solutions has meticulously developed a bespoke operations management system for Royal Air Charter, establishing a new benchmark in operational efficiency. The system includes the Jet 1 Suite booking system, tailored for Royal Air's hangar tenants to enhance their ground support experience. Additionally, featuring an advanced empty leg alert system, it optimizes aircraft movements for improved operational flexibility. The intelligent system combines data from empty leg alerts and fleet movements, and sends exclusive invitations to users for competitively priced flights, ensuring that flights are sold at competitive costs while simultaneously enhancing efficiency and reducing empty aircraft movements.

Unified Digital Presence through Seamless Website Integration

In conjunction, Avian Solutions has completely redesigned Royal Air Charter's website, achieving seamless integration with the new operations system. This integration enables comprehensive management and maintenance of Royal Air Charter's digital presence directly from the operations platform, ensuring a unified operational workflow.

Discover the Future of Aviation Technology

To explore the details of this innovative project, visit Avian Solutions at Experience the Royal Air Charters website, embodying this integration, at

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