Roxot Launched a New Programmatic Reporting Tool and Announced the Updated Pricing on Prebid Analytics

Roxot Data Hub is a programmatic reporting tool that automatically aggregates data from all major demand sources and ad servers

Roxot Data Hub

Publishers have to export reports from their programmatic demand partners and ad servers, manually format excel files and match the data by combining reports in one master file just to understand the general performance of their ad stack. Ad Operation professionals spend hours a day to accomplish more sophisticated tasks, such as investigating major discrepancies, identifying causes of unexpected revenue drops or analyzing SSP's performance with greater precision. Long-drawn-out troubleshooting directly affects publishers' yield. Due to laborious data management and lack of resources, publishers can't conduct daily analytics, which results in the revenue slipping through the cracks.

Roxot launched Roxot Data Hub, a programmatic reporting tool that automatically aggregates data from all major demand sources and ad servers and matches third-party tags with publishers' sites, placements, etc. Also, the tool automatically calculates the discrepancy between third-party and ad server data for sites, ad units and demand partners.

Roxot Data Hub has been developing in collaboration with Roxot's current clients. "It's great that there are so many demand partners these days to help increase revenue. However, every new partner is a new system that internally slows down the process and fragments reporting. So when you are trying to manage yield it makes it very difficult to get a full picture of who your best partners are and where it's best to allocate your inventory," says Bodhi Short, president at Cordless Media.

"Our goal was to develop a powerful, yet straight-forward programmatic reporting tool that would streamline publishers' workflows and empower them to allocate more resources to direct revenue-producing tasks," says Radmir Nasyrov, CEO at Roxot.

Roxot Data Hub's main features include but are not limited to automatic aggregation, label-based data matching, forecasting & progress tracking, automatic discrepancy indicators, deep segmentation and custom reports export. Roxot plans to enhance the product's functionality with an integration with Prebid Analytics by Roxot, the first header-bidding analytics platform, that allows publishers to manage third-party, ad servers and client-side data in one place.

Roxot Data Hub costs publishers $100 a month for one integration. This makes the product one of the most affordable options on the market.

In addition, Roxot also announced the updated pricing on Prebid Analytics. Instead of the number of ad calls, Roxot will charge publishers for the number of ad impressions starting Dec. 1, 2017. The new price starts at $0.01 CPM ($0.01 for a thousand ad impressions). Roxot has finished product infrastructure optimization which allowed the company to introduce the simplified and more affordable pricing for publishers.

Radmir Nasyrov
CEO @ Roxot

Aleksandr Kharitoshin
Marketing Director @ Roxot

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