Roxe Partners With NomadCTS to Offer Cross-Border Payments

The blockchain network to provide the best FX rates paired with lower fees and faster delivery to NomadCTS

Roxe, the blockchain infrastructure company that powers the next generation of payment solutions, announced today its partnership with NomadCTS, a centralized payment platform connecting corporate clients with 150+ payment methods, in over 200 countries, localized to more than 145 currencies for paying commissions and workers. 

Currently, NomadCTS' clientele consists of corporations that send cross-border funds to their employees, distributors, and vendors. Although the fund recipients are based all over the world, the initial list of target countries for rollout include the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Ghana, and Egypt. Through this partnership, Roxe will enable NomadCTS to offer its customers real-time payouts at competitive fees and better FX rates by utilizing the RISN global payment network, while also increasing transaction volume. 

"Through this first-of-its-kind partnership for Roxe, we are able to assist with the disbursement of cross-border payouts to people across the globe at a lower price and faster speed," said Maodong Xu, President of Roxe. "We are very excited to introduce NomadCTS to the limitless innovation and global community that Roxe's blockchain technology has to offer."

In addition to its connected bank, wallet, mobile, and cash voucher transfer services, NomadCTS offers seamlessly integrated virtual and physical prepaid card offerings globally. The company also brings decades of experience in consulting and software development to assist its clients in delivering a truly local payment experience for their payees worldwide. 

"NomadCTS is enthusiastic about the Roxe partnership and its breakthrough combination of blockchain technology and traditional local payment services to deliver an extremely efficient and user-friendly payment experience," said Bryan Davis, who is leading NomadCTS' partnership with Roxe. "We are confident that Roxe's services will become extremely popular with our client base."

This partnership amplifies Roxe's mission to build a global trusted community that includes everyone: individuals, businesses, merchants, banks, payments companies and more. By driving the future of blockchain-based payments, Roxe has added over 40 global partners in the past few months, including ECS Fin, Axletree Solutions, N2Xpress, Fairexpay, Rana Express, iPay, Treviso, Cebuana and GCash.

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About Roxe 

Roxe is a global payment network that uses blockchain to make money smarter. Roxe's smart payment technology automatically selects the best route for the fastest, least expensive, and most reliable payments for any business or individual anywhere in the world. The company unifies fragmented global payment systems so that payment and remittance companies, banks, central banks, and consumers can get the speed and cost savings benefits of blockchain technology without directly transacting with cryptocurrencies. Roxe also removes barriers of time, geography, and currency so that financial value moves with unprecedented speed across the globe. Powered by Roxe Chain, a hybrid blockchain purpose-built for payments and other value transfer applications, Roxe also empowers its partners to offer its end customers ultra-fast remittance and payments products. Roxe is designed to be the fundamental component of the global payments industry and is compatible with any traditional and digital financial system. For more information, visit

About NomadCTS

NomadCTS is a global-first software platform that delivers to its clients an embedded, white-labeled wallet experience for payees globally. With security as a priority, NomadCTS offers trusted connectivity to a fast-growing network of bank networks, card issuers, mobile wallets, as well as a vast array of local payment methods. In a departure from the traditional model of wallets acting as a money service, NomadCTS empowers its clients to offer direct-to-provider connectivity for payees in a customized online interface that is intuitive, localized, and mobile-friendly. Integrated partners offer 150+ payment methods, in over 200 countries, localized to more than 145 currencies. For more information, visit

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