RoweDocs Founder Releases Girl Boss Guide for Children and Tweens to Kick Off Women's History Month

RoweDocs founder releases 'B is for Bossy' to inspire young women to pursue entrepreneurship.

For Dr. Tisha Rowe,  the founder of RoweDocs, balancing business and the world of medicine is part of her everyday routine, and one that she thoroughly enjoys. What she doesn’t enjoy is the lack of approval she was met with for a trait that is known to come along with the job. The result of Dr. Rowe’s frustration is "B is for Bossy," a children’s book about overcoming obstacles, embracing ambition, and understanding business. While the concept of a children’s book might not be new, the author behind “B is for Bossy” is what makes the book truly unique and even more empowering to young readers.

Dr. Rowe has always wanted to be a physician. She proudly shares, “I love medicine. It is an honor to be trusted with the care of my patients and something I will never take for granted.” Dr. Rowe is one of eight in her immediate family, born to immigrant parents and raised in the fast-paced streets of Miami. She could have easily been deterred from her dreams with the appeals of the Miami fast money and distractions. However, Dr. Rowe’s determination to be a doctor and to set a positive example for her siblings helped push her to new heights. After graduating from The University of Miami with her Bachelor’s, Dr. Rowe went on to medical school at Temple University and she pursued her career in medicine. While in medical school, she constantly felt tugged in the direction of entrepreneurship. At the end of her medical training, she started business school at Bauer College of Business. Shortly after graduation, she opened her own medical practice and quickly scaled it to 30 states. While growing her business she was met with adversity.  Dr. Rowe shares “I noticed the deeper I got into the world of business the more I was met with silent disapproval from friends, from colleagues and from family. It was always clear to me a woman being “bossy” is not an attractive trait, but in business and even in medicine, giving orders is a part of what I have to do.”

What started out as disappointment and frustration by the connotation of the word bossy has turned into joy. Dr. Rowe is now able to help others who may not pursue their dreams because of fears of rejection instilled through messages that begin in childhood. “I believe women can be bossy without being intimidating or unkind,” Rowe explains. “I created this book to inspire girls to pursue whatever the career path they desire even if it means doing what is considered less attractive or acceptable. You can be anything you want to be. Be BOLD, be BRAVE, be Bossy!”

B is for Bossy” is available on Amazon. To purchase a copy of the book or donate the book to classrooms, visit You can also connect with Dr. Rowe on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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