Roundtable Analytics Wins Contract to Deliver Data Services to SAEM Member Institutions

Roundtable Analytics, Inc., an Analytics as a Service (AaaS) and consulting company focused on improving the operational and financial performance of Emergency Departments (EDs), was recently awarded an exclusive contract to deliver Benchmarking Data services by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM).

Under the terms of the contract, Roundtable Analytics will develop and provide an online process for collecting and analyzing comparative performance data of the 110 member institutions, who are the leading academic teaching hospitals in the United States and North America. SAEM, on behalf of the Academy of Administrators of Academic Emergency Medicine (AAAEM) and the Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine (AACEM), selected Roundtable Analytics to provide custom data analytics which will allow hospitals to easily compare their key ED performance metrics with other member hospitals.

"We are delighted to provide these Associations with data analytics support," said Tate Holt, CEO of Roundtable Analytics. "The first phase of the project is collecting the data from all member institutions through a custom web application. The second phase is delivery of an online, interactive service that allows members to graphically compare their performance against prior years, the entire membership, and peer groups of their choice."

About Roundtable Analytics, Inc.

Roundtable Analytics, Inc. offers on-demand and easy to use data analytics, such as site-specific simulation models, that optimize the performance of client Emergency Departments. Securely leveraging each ED's unique data resources, Roundtable Analytics' predictive analytics are delivered via SaaS to ED managers who can quickly simulate the impact of adjusting key management variables under their control. This approach eliminates the risks of suboptimal patient care and financial losses that can occur during costly trial-and-error periods.

Funded by a combination of National Science Foundation grants and private equity, Roundtable Analytics launched its simulation and analytics services commercially in 2016.


Tate Holt

Source: Roundtable Analytics, Inc.


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