Round II: The CydeKick® Self-Powered Smartphone Charger (For Bicycles)

Miami-based tech startup, Spinetics, Inc., has announced plans to re-launch their advanced, self-powered smartphone charger system for bicycles next month (April 2016) using the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.  The accessory device, dubbed the Cydekick®, uses cutting edge, touch-free, generator technology capable of producing enough power to charge smartphones and other personal electronics, i.e. tablets, lights, cameras, etc.

"We have made a huge breakthrough in our technology since last summer and I think that people are going to be very impressed when they get their hands on the new design.  The new and improved Cydekick® now generates more than triple the power it did this time last year.  It’s also easier to install and looks even sleeker than it did before!" said Spinetics’ founder and CEO, Nicolas Zamora.

With support from Recycling Energy Forum’s (REF) marketing and strategy team, Spinetics plans to launch their second crowdfunding campaign, this time on Indiegogo, in order to raise capital to begin production of the Cydekick® this year.   Indiegogo has reached out to Spinetics and agreed to provide promotional and marketing support when the campaign goes live in April.

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About Spinetics, Inc. Spinetics is a Miami-based tech startup founded in 2014 that develops cutting edge, green tech products for bicycles.  For more information about Spinetics visit:


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