Ross-Simons Jewelers Poll Reveals the Best and Worst Gifts to Give Mom on Mother's Day

Nation's leading jeweler conducts online survey on what not to get Mom.

The majority of moms understand that gift-giving is not easy, but just like the old cliche: it's the thought that counts. Case in point: Ross-Simons' annual Mother's Day Poll finds that two-thirds of mom's have pretended -at least once -- to like their Mother's day gift. (Now that's a mother's love for you!)

What gifts do moms like least? Staying away from vacuums is probably a smart move since 20% of those polled listed household appliances as their least favorite gifts ever. So while Mom may say she needs a new washing machine, she probably doesn't mean she wants one for Mother's Day. But it appears that the vacuum may not be your worst option: 60% of moms agree that receiving no gift on Mother's Day is the worst offense of all.

Listen to what mom is saying (or at least hinting). Nearly half of the moms surveyed listed jewelry as their very favorite gift, with 51% voting for "anything with diamonds." Flowers (35%) and gift cards (10%) receive honorable mention.

Mom's the Word
Moms never tire of being wished a "Happy Mother's Day," and here's a little secret. An overwhelming number of moms prefer in-person wishes (71%), followed by Mother's Day cards sent via traditional mail (just 14%). And here's a tip for today's wired generation: she'd rather you call! Only 4% of moms want to hear from you with a Facebook message. And what about dinner out at a fancy restaurant? Six out of ten moms recommend that you come home for dinner. It seems good old fashion values, home-cooked meals, and a little bit of bling are still the way to mom's heart.

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