Rosa Vodka Awarded Gold Medal at Best Tasting Spirits as a 'True Original'

Rosa Vodka

Within a month of its launch, Rosa Vodka strikes gold with its stand-alone spirit: the only 80-proof vodka on the market made with the world's finest flower, the rose. Distilled and bottled in the Pacific Northwest for its pristine Cascade water, exclusive three-day filtering process, and proprietary organic rose essence, Rosa Vodka's introduction into the vodka market is getting attention.

For almost a decade, Best Tasting Spirits has been reviewing the world's top spirits, wines and beers, elevating Rosa Vodka to the highest echelon with a 93 rating.  This represents a score within the top 6% of selected reviews of the largest vodka brands. 

According to Best Tasting Spirits founder Jeff Ellingson, Rosa Vodka "is a vodka you will want to share with friends, but only if you have more than one bottle.  It's a true original.  It's not only a very unique vodka but it is a well crafted, great tasting vodka."

Manamira LLC, a female-owned company, produces Rosa Vodka and has succeeded in creating a distinguished spirit offering a truly unique experience to the consumer - whether on the rocks, or with specialty cocktails as an enhancement. Owner Amira McCullough states, "We aimed to create a distinctive and premium vodka that sets itself apart."

Partner Scott McCullough adds, "We are thrilled we are getting such a great response to our product.  Bartenders and aficionados find Rosa Vodka's distinctive body and smoothness to be a strong contender in the marketplace."  

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We are female owned alcohol and beverage company that produces the award-winning Rosa Vodka. Our premium blend of the finest 100% corn spirits seamlessly melds with the distinctive botanical rose flower essences.

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