RootSecure Launches Scout - an Agent-Based Risk Monitoring Product

RootSecure, a leader in continuous cyber risk management, announces the launch of "Scout," a revolutionary new agent-based monitoring product. Scout provides new context around workstation, server or device-level activities, providing unique insights and auditing capabilities. Scout also rolls up information into the RootSecure SaaS platform to aggregate and identify risk indicators with observations from the agent.

“This level of monitoring is required to establish your cyber posture,” says Ian Hassard, RootSecure VP of product and marketing. “Common risk solutions look at external IP addresses and limited internal context to identify risk. Scout goes much deeper to identify new kinds of risk indicators previously unknown to most users.”

Scout deploys on Windows, Mac, Linux or BSD assets and monitors software, hardware, user-access, common threat indicators and network connectivity. All this information is sent to the RootSecure Dashboard for real-time monitoring and historical analysis. The RootSecure platform will also roll-up the risk indicators present on the asset and incorporate the results towards the RootSecure Risk Score.

“Scout brings new power to an organization - being able to aggregate and analyze all the relevant points of a system that could be exploited,” says Matt Koivisto, RootSecure VP of engineering. “Scout represents the future of system monitoring for risk indicators. Most network-level scanners don't incorporate the larger context when identifying risk indicators: use of USB devices, hardware and software inventory, active processes, system resources, nearby wireless networks and Bluetooth devices. These can all contribute to identifying active threats or exploitable risks.”

Scout will be available April 2018 as a standalone Window, Mac or Linux application. Scout can also be used with IoT solutions to provide unprecedented security monitoring for startups or mature IoT device makers. OEM licensing and white labeling is available for these cases.

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Ian Hassard, VP Product and Marketing

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