Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Training Classes Open in Phoenix

Leading Six Sigma Training Provider Meets Increasing Demand for RCA Training

Bringing their industry-leading training curriculum to the business world, leading Six Sigma training provider is opening enrollment for their Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training class in Phoenix, Arizona coming up in December 2017.

Tailored for individuals, teams, and organizations that want to implement an operating system for structured problem-solving, the RCA concepts taught in the class will help students identify certain concepts seen in real-world situations, such as:

An online RCA training program is currently in the works and will be launching next month.

Peter Peterka, CEO/Founder, Global Six Sigma LP

  • How many problems are encountered each year? How many seem to recur?
  • How many have unknown cause? How many have known cause?
  • Is a team created to solve them? Does the team use a structured process?

Other topics addressed include the 8D Roadmap, Situation Appraisal, Cause-Effect Mapping Methods, and Risk Analysis Tools. The training lasts three days and students will be able to complete a project following the 8D Roadmap and use the methods learned to solve a problem with an unknown cause.

Peter Peterka, founder and CEO of Global Six Sigma LP, sees the demand for Root Cause Analysis training and is planning to bring more RCA instruction to the schedule. “An online RCA training program is currently in the works and will be launching next month,” he said. 

Online Minitab Essentials training is also available for students. Visit for more information.

Source: Global Six Sigma LP

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