Room Alert Wins First Place in 2021 Go Global Awards Property Tech Category

AVTECH Software (AVTECH) has earned another accolade on the international stage after being awarded first place in the International Trade Council's 2021 Go Global Awards Property Tech category.

Now in its 33rd year in business, AVTECH manufactures Room Alert, the world's most popular environment monitor for business continuity plans. Room Alert is made in the USA and proactively monitors environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke, and more. Room Alert is currently used in 187 of 196 countries by organizations ranging from thousands of small businesses to Boeing, Sprint, Microsoft, over 80% of the Fortune 1000, the United Nations, and many government agencies.

Go Global Awards judging took place virtually in September 2021, with AVTECH President & COO Richard Grundy representing Room Alert to the panel of international judges. The award for Property Tech was designated based on Room Alert PRO monitors, sensors, and software being deemed critical components of a business continuity plan by the panel. Additionally, Room Alert was recognized as a long-standing provider in the environment-monitoring space thanks to AVTECH's history of protecting facilities since 1988.

"Being recognized for Room Alert's contributions to successful business continuity plans is always rewarding and humbling," said Mr. Grundy. "These past two years have really emphasized the importance of monitoring properties and facilities to prevent downtime caused by environmental concerns, especially for organizations that are still in remote or hybrid work models. You can't always have eyes and ears on your physical facilities, and Room Alert can ensure you always have insight into what's happening with the environment in your facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. More importantly, Room Alert monitors, sensors, and software offer data security and privacy features that have become so important to users around the world, and our international distribution allows us to have Room Alert products in customers' hands the moment they need them … if not sooner. We are truly grateful for the recognition provided to our entire team by the International Trade Council with this award."

"Winning an Award is no small feat. We received a total of 6,416 entries, coming from organizations in 178 countries. The breadth of award nominations was truly amazing," said Kristal Parcon, head of the Awards Committee.

"We are humbled by organizations such as AVTECH Software, Inc., who, in the face of a global pandemic, have displayed leadership, resilience and innovation, while embracing change and supporting their employees and communities in a way never seen before."

About the Go Global Awards

Originally launched in 1989, The International Trade Council's Go Global Awards celebrate organizations that drive the global economy through their innovations, technologies, and strategies.

The Go Global Awards follow a rigorous three-tiered review/selection process. Candidates begin the application process with a pre-screening / ranking phase. The top 20% of nominations across all categories are then cross-reviewed to ensure consistency. Finalists are then selected and move forward to the live judging event, where they present before independent members of the Go Global Awards Committee. The Awards Committee then cross-reviews the finalist presentations and the final decisions are announced at the Go Global Awards Day.


AVTECH Software (AVTECH), a private corporation founded in 1988, is a computer hardware and software developer and manufacturer based in Warren, RI. AVTECH's Room Alert products are made in the USA and proactively monitor critical facilities and assets for conditions such as temperature, humidity, power, flood/water leakage, smoke/fire, airflow, room entry, motion, cameras and more. Room Alert is in use in over 185 countries and can be found in over 80% of the Fortune 1000, most state and federal agencies, and all branches of the US military. Room Alert is "Environment Monitoring Made Easy… Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!"

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Source: AVTECH Software, Inc.