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I Can Do Better By Mistake: by Troy J. Klein

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During this critical election year, Troy brings it to the people like no politician would ever dare. As an average citizen and military veteran Troy has a clear understanding of the issues that plague the average person in this country and offers common sense solutions to put it all back on track. This is more than just a book, it is a guide for the 21st century patriot. Our leaders would have you believe that most issues are overly complex which requires endless debate when, in fact, not only are the issues easily solvable, they require nothing more than leaders of strong fortitude and unshakable integrity. This election year, it is critical that we demand more from our leaders and Troy shows the way forward. True leaders stand on their actions rather than just words. "I Can Do Better By Mistake" delivers the truth of politics and accountability. Anyone who seeks the truth of our government, our, leaders, and your role in it all MUST purchase and read this high impact political novel.


"Facts are stubborn things."

Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America

One must purchase this book and see for themselves just exactly what it means to be a patriot and how even the humblest of people can have a real impact on the direction of our great nation. Questions are not simply asked and issues are not just discussed. As a businessman, Troy understands that solutions are much more valuable than whining about the issue and solutions are exactly what this book is all about. This book makes the perfect gift to anyone you know and love.

This is no bold statement but very true. You can give this book to anyone you know who struggles with the choice of who to vote for and how to be a better American Patriot. Show the one you care for that they can make a difference.

 "I Can Do Better By Mistake" will help anyone to have a clear understanding of what accountability in our leaders should be, how easily the issues could be resolved, and what your role is in all of it. That goes for any religion, sex, or race. This political book has been published and is available in e-book or paperback from most online bookstores including: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, i Book, and many others. Where ever you shop online you will find this amazing book.

About the Author: Troy was born and raised in Saginaw Michigan. He joined the Army the day after his 18th birthday and served for 9 years. He has worked for the past 25 years as a retail manager for many different companies. Troy has a passion for our great nation, its history, and the legacy that we leave to our children. His greatest desire is to, once again, wake the sleeping giant, and give hope back to the people who have mistakenly believed that they do not matter and their vote does not count. Troy wants to empower every citizen to reclaim the idea that it is okay to be a Proud American.

"Facts are stubborn things." Ronald Reagan

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