Roofing Insurance Restoration Sales Representative Job Opportunity From TREC Roofing and Remodeling

TREC Roofing and Remodeling is now hiring Roofing Insurance Restoration Sale Representatives with paid training and outstanding benefits.

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TREC Roofing and Remodeling is actively searching for a Roofing Insurance Sales representative. The position requires candidates to travel to predetermined locations and conduct door-to-door sales offering free roof inspections. The process is simple. In the event that a homeowner agrees to an inspection, the agent will be responsible to inspect the roof, make claims with insurance companies upon the discovery of damages, and meet adjusters at said properties for the insurance companies’ inspection.

Eligible candidates must possess a valid driver’s license, a truck or SUV to carry an extension ladder, and an iPad with cellular service. Candidates must also be comfortable with elevated surfaces and willing to perform roof inspections. The first 90 days of the position will fall under a probationary period, during which will be a training period. After 90 days, the company can extend employment opportunities to be 1099 or W2.

Sales representatives will receive 20% of net profits per job, and will also receive both a monthly and yearly bonus.   

Additional benefits include: 

  • SVG Training
  • Yearly Company Trip, if a goal is accomplished, for employee and spouse
  • 180 Day Goal Award: If a goal is hit each month for the first 6 months, TREC will supply a company truck for the employee. 
  • Company Holiday Parties
  • Advancement and Management Opportunities - we promote from within!
  • After 6 months, the Health and 401k plans will be made available.

The new hire will be considered as 1099 during the probationary period, and after 90 days has the option to declare as a 1099 or W2. A stipend of $300/week training pay may be considered for the first 4 weeks, but candidates are to repay the sum if they are not employed by TREC Roofing and Remodeling after 6 months.

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