Ronnie Valentin Joins Marco Group to Strengthen Relationships

Dealer Network to Serve as Foundation for Meeting Furniture Needs in Schools Across the U.S.

As many school districts return to or plan for the resumption of in-class instruction, the necessity for quality furniture that can adapt to existing and future requirements is critical. The quality and adaptability of educational furniture products produced by Marco Group Inc. was a key factor attracting Ronnie Valentin to join the team as its national sales executive.

"I am impressed by the innovation and craftsmanship that goes into Marco products," Valentin said. "There are real people who put a lot of thought into products that are manufactured with quality materials. These products last longer and, because of this, can help schools save money in the long run."

Valentin recently left Staples Inc., where he managed business development for government and education programs, and he brings more than 25 years of sales experience to Marco Group. While his initial focus will be on promoting Marco Group's educational product line in Texas, Valentin says the larger plan is to drive a strategy to meet the needs of K-12 schools throughout the United States.

"The company hasn't had as much exposure in the education market as it deserves. We have a great product made in the United States that is priced competitively," Valentin said. "I'm excited to get to know the furniture dealers in the state and the schools they support. I want to do more than sell furniture. I want to grow relationships to support education, and Texas is a great place to start."

In addition to developing quality relationships, Valentin says he is truly excited to work with leadership at Marco Group to forge the company's future.

Marco Group's CEO Richard Davidson said, "We're thrilled to have Ronnie join the team. He is a perfect fit for the Marco Group family and I look forward to working alongside him as we expand on our support for education."

About Marco Group

Founded in 1997 as a wood supplier for Sunbeam Corporation, Missouri-based Marco Group, Inc. has evolved into a premier manufacturer of educational furniture. Marco Group is also a partner providing components for the popular La-Z-Boy line, in addition to a manufacturer of aquarium stands and office furniture. Marco Group constantly evaluates its products, refines processes, and strives to support customer needs. Learn more about Marco Group at

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