Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Makes Big Noise on Netflix, Posts Double Digit Growth Numbers for 3rd Year in a Row

Ronnie Coleman "The King"

8 Time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, continues to grow and expand his line of sports nutrition supplements to a global customer base. For the third year running, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series posted double digit growth numbers in 2018 for total company sales lead by 73 percent on Amazon and 65 percent on their website

Over the past two years RCSS has put a huge focus on both the direct to consumer and Amazon sales channels in the U.S. Both platforms are equally important according to CMO Derek Ciocca: “If you’re not focusing on Amazon by now, you have the wrong strategy. 1 in every 3 searches for consumer goods STARTS on Amazon. However, being able to have full control over the full customer experience and really engaging with your customers through a direct model is just as important as a strong presence on Amazon. They work together to enhance brand loyalty and awareness.”

Mr. Coleman also released his first ever documentary, produced by Generation Iron, chronicling his illustrious bodybuilding career with a rare look into his personal life today as a business owner, father and his recovery from multiple back surgeries. Titled “The King,” Ronnie’s nickname within bodybuilding, the documentary hit iTunes, Amazon Prime Video as well as Netflix. At one point during the peak of the release, “The King” was number 1 in each platform’s documentary section. On the success of the movie, Ronnie said, "I never thought in a million years that I would be Mr. Olympia and I sure as heck didn't think I would ever have my own movie that millions of people wanted to watch. It's still really humbling and I'm forever grateful to the best fans in the world who've helped make me who I am."

Ronnie and his company have always kept it real with the fans and customers which has endeared so many to his brand of supplements over the years in an industry where there are a lot of gimmicks and people looking to make fast money as well as an overwhelming amount of brand choices. Ronnie and the popularity of the brand can be seen on social media where Ronnie just cracked 500K subscribers on YouTube and 3 million followers on Instagram. 

So what’s next for the brand as we roll into 2019? Well, you can expect new product launches from flavor extensions to totally new items as well as the launch of an official clothing brand tied to RCSS. The first test release for the clothing brand, titled the 'Icon Collection,' dropped over Black Friday and is off to a great start. Some of the products include a new testosterone booster aptly named King Test, a new fat burner, Light Weight Baby, as well as a really interesting functional food product named King Cake.

King Cake is a high protein cake snack that only requires you to add water and zap it in the microwave for 60 seconds. Out comes a high protein, low sugar cake snack that is hot and ready to enjoy. CEO Brendan Ahern thinks this will give consumers a great alternative to traditional protein bars, “Look protein bars are great, we make one and love it, but it’s nice to have an alternative in your high protein healthy snack bag. King Cake provides a convenient alternative to traditional bars and I mean come on, it’s cake! This is a new category within functional foods and we are very excited to be one of the first to explore it. Big potential with this one.”

Look for RCSS to have another successful year of growth.

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