Ronnie Coleman Signature Series® Makes Big Moves in the USA and Abroad

Exclusive Partnership With Muscle Foods USA, Vital Edition Product Line Launch and King Whey® Protein Crunch Bar Release

RCSS Vital Edition Supplements

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series® (RCSS) is a brand of sports and fitness supplements that are owned and operated by 8-time Mr.Olympia Ronnie Coleman and his team of industry veterans. Established in 2011, RCSS has become a respected name and brand in the global supplement market by producing effective and trustworthy products with an approach that focuses on the needs of the consumer.

Muscle Foods USA Distribution (MF) is one of America’s leading wholesale distributors for sports & fitness supplements with offices/facilities in Biloxi MS, Scranton PA, Virginia Beach VA, South Bend IN, Las Vegas NV and Houston, TX.

In April 2014, Eurpac merged with Muscle Foods USA. EURPAC Service Inc. is a recognized leader in the consumer packaged goods industry providing quality sales, merchandising, distribution and supply chain management for over 60 years. Currently, they employ over 1,200 people worldwide. In April 2016, Muscle Foods USA merged with Power Shack (regional distributor). Their nationwide distribution footprint includes 7,500+ specialty, gym, retail and online locations. 

RCSS owner and CEO Brendan Ahern on his partnership with MF, “We are very excited and grateful to be partnering with Muscle Foods. The sports nutrition space is going through some major shifts and we knew that it was very important to align ourselves with an innovative and forward-thinking partner like Muscle Foods. While most companies see these times as bleak, we find opportunity and excitement ahead for both RCSS and Muscle Foods. Both companies are in an aggressive and offensive position in the market. We couldn’t be more excited!”

Muscle Food General Manager Joe Mies also commented, “Muscle Foods USA is proud to partner with Ronnie Coleman Signature Series® and their premium line of supplements. All of us here are really looking forward to working with Ronnie Coleman and his team of industry professionals. They’ve passed the test of time and proven themselves to be much more than just a niche bodybuilder brand. We are excited to play a crucial role in their domestic growth strategy.”

RCSS has also expanded its international product range with the release of their new Vital Edition line. An expansion range within the RCSS family of products, this line was created specifically for international partners that have been impacted by currency exchange rates, raw material cost increases, the emergence of local brands and consumer demand for effective but affordable supplements. RCSS views these challenges as an opportunity to improve their brand awareness and customer reach. The Vital Edition looks to be a proactive approach to these challenges that will benefit RCSS, their partners, and the consumer.  

The Vital Edition features 12 different products: Creatine-XS, Glutamine-XS, Vita-XS, BCAA-XS (tablets and powder), Whey-XS, Gainer-XS, Pre-XS. Omega-XS, L-Carnitine-XS (liquid and capsules), and CLA-XS.

RCSS has also joined the functional food market with the release of their new King Whey® Protein Crunch Bar featuring an innovative oven baking technology, 20G of whey protein and only 6G of sugar. Initial reactions to the bar are touting it as one of the only whey protein bars to achieve a candy bar like taste while maintaining a clean nutritional profile. Look for this bar to make an appearance on a shelf near you very soon. 

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