RONCO Uses Social Media To Educate Users On Importance Of Correct PPE Selection

RONCO launches the "Think Safety" campaign on various social media to spread awareness on the selection of correct PPE.

As a leader in the manufacturing of safety products, one of RONCO's missions is to reduce workplace injury and educate people on the usage of correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

To spread awareness of the importance of selecting the correct PPE, Ronco has launched the Think Safety campaign across various social media networks. Users of social media can visit Ronco's page on Facebook and Twitter and participate to win a $50 gift certificate. Users are invited to follow Ronco's product posts and list two applications that would be a good fit for the product. All entries will be entered into a raffle and 2 winners will each get a $50 gift certificate.

Thousands of injuries every year are attributed to the usage of incorrect of PPE. Risk assessments are a critical prerequisite when it comes to identifying the PPE needs and ensuring that workers are equipped with the appropriate PPE that also provides optimal fit.

RONCO has a team of specialists that can deliver onsite risk assessments and recommend the right PPE for the job at hand; thereby enhancing user safety and productivity while maximizing profitability.

Ronco is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, specilaizing in the manufacture of head, hand and body protection solutions. Ronco's primary line of products includes disposable and examination gloves, industrial and work gloves and protective apparel including aprons, gowns, sleeves, hair coverings, safety glasses, ear plugs, masks and more. For more information on Ronco, please visit or visit Ronco's page on Facebook: