Roman Soyko to Host's Latest Monthly Webinar

Flipping Houses with Roman Soyko has been one of the nations leading off-market real estate resources for investors since 2004. Roman Soyko will host its latest monthly webinar on Sept. 6, 2022, at 6 p.m. EST.

Roman currently runs a seven-figure REI business. Started his journey working in construction and learning what it takes to know what it takes to become a  successful house flipper. Roman has done hundreds of real estate deals: wholesales, rentals, flips, and apartment buildings. Mr. Soyko's Podcast channel is a great resource for new and seasoned real estate investors.

In this Webinar, Roman will show how he went from a one-person show to running a seven-figure business with a small team of employees. Real estate investors have proven strategies to maximize profit from every deal in today's market. Roman will also dive deep into why he uses off-market real estate leads and only uses for his lead generation, targeting real estate with equity. 



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