Rolling in Christmas on Christmas Day With Mena’s Sing-Along Christmas Songs and Christmas Music Videos

How are you Rolling in Christmas on Christmas Day? PKOK Music Invites You to Make Your Own Inspiring and Joyful Sing Along Christmas Music Video and share @MenaMovement with Mena.

King Christmas by Mena

PKOK Music is inviting all to sing along with Mena's original Christmas Songs: My Christmas and Rolling In Christmas. All can watch and sing-along with Mena's Christmas Music Videos and make a video with the Spirit of Christmas on Christmas Day and share with Mena @MenaMovement. Mena and all of US at PKOK Music wish all a merry, peaceful, and joyful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Mena's album, King Christmas, released by PKOK Music, is Mena’s first Christmas Album featuring Mena’s joyful and fun sing-along songs Rolling in Christmas and My Christmas. T.I.H.I.R.F.A.C (This is How I Really Feel About Christmas) is also a featured song with Mena’s music video dedicated to military families and honoring service men and women for the sacrifices they and their families make especially during Christmas. PKOK Music warmly wishes America's brave and courageous military and their families for a miracle-filled and terrific Christmas Day.

Watch Mena’s music videos at MenaMovement ( Mena released over 50 music videos on Youtube @MenaMovement. Mena’s songs and music videos are available on all digital platforms and on

Feel a "Miracle Coming On" in the New Year? PKOK Music invites you to share what God’s Love is doing for you in 2024.

To access Mena’s digital links and social media handles visit: and listen to Mena’s Christmas album, King Christmas, available on all digital platforms. 

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