Rolling Hills Prep School's Athletic Director Acknowledges RHP Seniors.

Coach Recognizes the Distinction and Accomplishments of the Class of 2013.

Brooklyn-born Rolling Hills Prep School (RHP) Athletic Director Brian Knigin is the epitome of a New York sports fan. When Coach Knigin gets excited, his enthusiasm is infectious. A clear demonstration is evident when he reflects on the female athletes in the Class of 2013. Out of 24 graduating senior girls, 16 have played a varsity sport, and seven will go on to play college sports including: volleyball, softball, soccer and track & field.

"That's an impressive percentage," notes Coach Knigin. "That metric tells the critics that it's possible to field a competitive team with a small school. The winning combination is focused coaches and determined athletes. Our school had two CIF Champions this year (girls' volleyball and boys' basketball)! Any school would be proud of what we've accomplished."

Brian moved from Brooklyn, New York at the beginning of 7th grade when his father was transferred to work in California. He knew he wanted to coach at the age of 6 and teach at the age of 18. He earned a degree in Kinesiology at Cal State Northridge. Before arriving at RHP he taught at Birmingham High School, the Buckley School, and Campbell Hall School.

When chatting about sports, Coach Knigin's face lights up. "I enjoy everything about watching our young athletes compete. I love being at all the different venues cheering on our athletes. I especially enjoy watching a team start the season and see the growth of a team," states Knigin.

Some of the Athletic Director's fond memories include coaching his first CIF Championship in 1998 and also, as a administrator and parent, seeing the RHP girls' volleyball win their first ever CIF championship this year with his daughter being part of the team.

One of the great academic advantages of RHP is the intimacy of small class size, but this can potentially make it difficult to add sports or fill out a team. RHP encourages a well-rounded education so student-athletes are often involved in a wide variety of co-curricular activities, such as drama, the school's garage band, or student council. Coach Knigin emphasizes that a student-athlete is a student first and that there is tremendous communication between the teachers and coaches.

When asked about his legacy as an Athletic Director, Coach Knigin muses: "I'm proud that we have built a well-respected and competitive athletic department. However, I'm most proud of our student-athletes, who have become better people on and off the field, court, or track."

Observing the success of the RHP teams and the growth of the students, it's safe to conclude that the legacy of Brian Knigin is secure.

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