ROI-NJ Set to Disrupt Local Media Landscape

BUSINESS NEWS & EVENTS WITH AN OMNICHANNEL APPROACH, an omnichannel business media company, aims to become the authoritative source for news and connections impacting New Jersey’s economic movers and shakers.

Created by Prospect Publishing Group and led by longtime industry leaders Tom Bergeron and Tom Hughes, ROI-NJ will deliver real-time news and features that provide New Jersey’s diverse business community with a Return on Information, while creating dynamic engagements among influencers. 

“We’re more than a source of information for businesses and leaders. We are the meeting point for the events, connections and conversations that will fuel the economic engine of New Jersey,” says Tom Hughes, chief revenue officer, ROI-NJ.

The site,, will go live on Sept. 12. The first weekly print edition is set for Oct. 9.

“ROI-NJ is more than just a return on information; it’s also a return on influence, impact and investment,” says Tom Bergeron, editor and chief content officer. “It’s what you need, when and where you need it, and how you need it.”

Our singular purpose is to deliver compelling content that focuses on the people and organizations that make New Jersey a better place to live and work.”

The publication’s editorial focus includes large and small business, politics, news, economic development, life in New Jersey, diversity and inclusion, non-profits and corporate culture. 

For a free, 12-week trial subscription and access to ROI-NJ’s email newsletters, please visit:

For editorial inquiries, contact Tom Bergeron at or (973) 294-4863. 

For advertising and sponsorship, please contact Tom Hughes at or call (973) 985-0455.

 ROI-NJ’s main number is (973) 387-1115.

About Prospect Publishing Group

Prospect Publishing Group is an investment company owned and managed by Amy Allan Smith. Prospect Publishing Group focuses on opportunities that enhance the economic strength of New Jersey and provide opportunities for its business community. 

For more information on Prospect Publishing Group or ROI-NJ, please contact Ann Willets at or call/text (908) 433-7821.

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View Website is an omnichannel business media company, and the authoritative source for news and connections impacting New Jersey's economic movers and shakers.

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