Roger W. Breternitz CCht. Discusses His Book, 'WINNING AT SALES, It's a Lot More Money!'

​The book is a boiled down study of why the “Master closers” excel at sales, and life in general. It teaches the little known use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to gain rapport, create interest, and close the final deal. A must read for every person in the sales profession.

It has been said that over 90% of people making their living in sales, have never read one book on the art of selling. If someone is now in sales or even thinking of beginning a sales career, this publication will become their “Gold standard” for closing more deals and making more money with less effort.

It was written by Roger W. Breternitz CCht. A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, who maintains the web site ( offering a host of mental reprogramming DVSs & CDs (Power sales persuasion) that strive to improve a person’s thinking and mental state, to attract the best life has to offer. He is also the author of 2 other life-coaching books (Available on “Winning it’s a lot more fun”, and “Winning at love, it’s more than just getting lucky”. All of the books focus on the power of the inner mind to influence the choices people make, and how those choices affect their success in life to produce positive, or in some cases, unwanted negative results.

Winning at Sales is a compilation of real time experiences, and the sales courses presented by the corporations with which he was aligned, along with his personal research in that field, for the past 30 years.

This is one of the few books on sales that contain the secrets of Neuro-Linguist Programming, embedded commands, analog marking, matching, mirroring and pacing, eye blink technique, and many other little known "Deal closing" concepts only known by the few upper level "Master closers".  It provides the reader with powerful information and techniques that can be used instantly, turning efforts and the phone into a cash cow like never before. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A mind stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.” In other words, once a person learns something new that benefits them, they will have it forever, and it remains beneficial…for ever. “WINNING AT SALES” fits that category in that it was written to help people start closing more business with less effort, and produce greater satisfaction on both sides of the desk. When this happens then everyone is, “Winning at Sales”.

In addition, Mr. Breterntiz has written a book for people who have joint problems,Total knee & Hip Replacement, what you need to know”, is a wealth of information for seniors thinking about getting a joint replacement. It is written by author, Roger W. Breternitz and it is the personal documentation of his knee replacement in a day by day format. It deals with the preparation, actual surgery, rehab, painkillers and getting off of them, along with interviews with those who have had the same procedure in either a knee or hip replacement. The book has many money saving tips, as well as help on preventing problems, and making folks aware of pitfalls about which no one has told them. It goes much farther than the brochures put out by the hospitals. This is a "Must read" for people thinking about getting a joint replacement done or just about to have it done.

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