Rockin Rot Fever Drive

February 24, 2016- GameXtudio Is pleased to announce its new game "Furious Vehicle Drive" featuring classic, skill based game play.


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Game Description:

WARNING: Highly Addictive Game!!
Are you searching for an amazing ball game full of adventure? Are you keen of playing color games? You are at the right game.
Pack your seat and get ready to be addicted for a very highly adventurous game. It’s a really challenging game!
Combine your precision touch and timing skills with your problem solving skills to get the Ball to the destination in the fastest possible time while collecting as many stars as you can along the way. You will find different puzzles and labyrinth; also you will find your way in gears and space
Rockin Rot Fever is a new Bubble game based on a pop shaped ball in which you have to pass across each and every hurdle in order to complete the challenge. Just match the color of the gears to pass. Pass through each gear to complete the mission.
The Rockin Rot Fever is played with very simple keys
Complete the challenge to discover more amazing stages
This game will definitely make you bus stop wait seem shorter.
• Amazing gameplay
Colourful graphics
• High quality sound FX
• Powerful music
• Simple Controls


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