Rochester Group Gets Record 7.2 Bn EUR Traction With Its Latest Spin-Off

Rochester Group Gets Record 7.2 Bn EUR Traction in Spinning Its Banking, Insurance and International Trade Lines Into One Offering.

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​​​​​​The Rochester Group™ ( announces an unprecedented success and all-time-high for the group by spinning-off its banking, reinsurance & insurance business lines and providing a custom layer of finance trading tools to its high-value Corporate Clients and High Net Worth Individuals.

The newly formed Rochester Private Capital™ has had incredible traction and managed a record 7.12 billion GBP in equity.

This success was possible mainly due to the versatility of The Rochester Bank™ (, which was able to tailor its offerings to cater to the new realities of the global economy.

Two other essential components that have contributed immensely in the last quarters have been Rochester ReInsurance™ ( and Rochester Insurance™ ( which have given robustness and speed of resolution to the entire offering.

Mrs Anita May, President of the Strategic Planning Group at Rochester, declared success was possible, mainly due to the ability of the management team to analyse the market and provide full-service, bespoke solutions to its customers.

The group's private banking division has been able to considerably increase its customer base by providing active and passive credit lines to its Corporate Clients and High Net Worth Individuals at a speed that would not be possible with big banking institutions.

"Our historical core values and our long bet on customer-centric solutions have indeed paid off during this global lockdown as more and more clients either returned to us or referred us to new customers. This is obviously due to our flexibility and our quick resolution approach, which is hard, if not impossible, to be found with the big players," said Mrs Agota Imola Miklos, member of the SPG and Regional for Central & Eastern Europe.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many banking specialists and reputable institutions have all acknowledged the acceleration of already known trends like digitalisationbrand specialisation and the importance of partnerships

To that end, Rochester Group has revamped its online presence. It has invested considerable time and resources in providing its customers with a modern and comfortable-to-use Online Banking Platform that is available to all of its clients via and which satisfies even the most stringent security and privacy needs of its clients.

"Our goal is to use the latest technologies like machine learning and distributed ledgers and to integrate that into one single end-user product that combines our bank, our insurance & reinsurance business units and our consulting layer. We are committed to this development in a marathon way but with short sprints that already bring considerable added value to our clients. We want that product to be as easy to use as your social media accounts. Our partnerships and our R&D initiatives are proof of that commitment and, as history has proven over and over again, being at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction has always been a good idea both in terms of ROI as well as individual gratification for our internal family here at Rochester," concluded Mrs Agota Imola Miklos.


Rochester Group, through its subsidiaries Rochester Private Capital Ltd.Rochester Bank S.A. and Rochester Reinsurance Plc., offers a global, full-service/one-stop-shop environment for active/passive credit linestrade finance products, complex escrow solutionsinsurance & reinsurance of products and services across the board and will also be offering asset management capabilities by EOY 2020.

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Rochester Group through Rochester Private Capital Ltd., Rochester Bank S.A. and Rochester Reinsurance Plc., offers a global, full-service/one-stop-shop environment for credit lines, trade finance, escrow, insurance & reinsurance.

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