Robopen® - World's First Automated Handheld Hair Transplant Incision Device Invented by Dr. Levent Acar

Robopen Device

 Hair transplant Turkey: After more than 10 years without innovation, the Robopen® marks the beginning of a new era in the hair transplant industry. The Robopen® is the newest and most innovative hair transplant device on the planet. Invented by Dr. Levent Acar of Cosmedica Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, and manufactured by Acar instruments in Germany, this tool takes hair transplantations to the next level.

Robopen® is highly customizable and features an LCD screen.

With the help of the Robopen®, hair restoration surgeons who perform hair transplants around the world won't have to worry about the equal quality and uniform depth of tissue separation during the transplantation process anymore.

The Robopen® is fully adjustable via the inbuilt LCD screen, which also displays the incision count. It makes incisions at the set depth every time, without fail. Surgeon fatigue, imperfect hand movements and distractions due to having to keep count of the incisions are a thing of the past.

Cosmedica Clinic in Istanbul is already using this futuristic tool for their hair transplants.

At Cosmedica's hair transplant clinic in Turkey, patients can already get a hair transplant with the help of this futuristic device. They offer two hair transplant techniques: the FUE technique or Follicular Unit Extraction technique as well as DHI or Direct Hair Implantation.

A FUE hair transplant is done by removing individual hair grafts from the patient's so-called donor area, which is at the side and back of the head, as the hair follicles there are not affected by hair loss. The grafts are then transplanted to the top of the scalp, where new hair growth is desired.

For a quicker recovery time, a Sapphire FUE Hair transplant can be performed. This method is different to the regular FUE hair transplant in that a sharp scalpel made from Sapphire is being used to make the incisions before the hair grafts are being transplanted. This Sapphire blade makes very precise incisions possible, which speeds up the healing process.

DHI hair transplants are done by removing and implanting the hair grafts in one go with the help of a special punch called Choi implanter pen. This technique has the added benefit of protecting the hair follicles while they are being implanted.

Robopen® improves the success rate and recovery time.

The result of a hair transplant and the health of the transplanted hair is dependent on many factors: the number of grafts, techniques and methods, and the hair transplantation surgery itself. Thanks to the Robopen, the already high success rate and low recovery time of hair transplants at Cosmedica Clinic has gotten even better.

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