RoboMQ Launches a Major Upgrade to Connect iPaaS With Michelangelo Release

Major enhancement to the way workflows are designed on its no-code API integration platform, in addition to the availability of a host of leading ERP, CRM, SaaS, and IoT application connectors

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RoboMQ, a leading integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) provider, launched a major upgrade to its no-code platform Connect iPaaS. This release, named Michelangelo after the famed Renaissance sculptor and painter, adds several features and functionalities, covering core platform as well as the addition of new API connectors for leading CRM, SaaS, analytics, databases and IoT applications.

Several new features are added to the core Connect iPaaS platform that provide major enhancements to the way workflows are designed on its no-code graphical user interface. Some of the newly added features like conditionals, selective upda​te and delete (in conjunction with the existing event filter functionality) provide powerful UX constructs that apply complex business logic and conditional processing. These capabilities, typical of BPM (Business Process Management) and BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) platforms, are now offered in a simple, intuitive and easy way for a business or a non-technical user on Connect iPaaS.

Another salient functionality added is the ability to use Excel-style functions for data mapping and transformations while building API integrations. “Many users of Connect iPaaS are business users who are often very comfortable with Microsoft Excel. Excel-style functions, therefore, offer a powerful paradigm for ease of use in data mapping and transformation with absolutely no learning curve,” says Vladimir Smogitel, the lead designer at RoboMQ.

In the application integration space, file-based integration, extract processing, and bulk data export and imports are some of the most common integration scenarios. In this release, bulk data feed and file processing capabilities have been added to Connect iPaaS to address this need. In addition to the above, there are multiple enhancements to the platform that will significantly improve the User Experience (UX) and ease of use.

This release also adds many new API application connectors. Some ERP and CRM application connectors added to Connect iPaaS are - Microsoft Dynamics 365, Coupa, Magento eCommerce, QuickBooks, Workday, SAP C4, Microsoft Business Central, Dynamics NAV, and HubSpot CRM. Other SaaS applications, analytics and database platforms, and IoT applications now available on Connect iPaaS with this release are Azure AD, On-prem Active Directory, Nexmo, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL, AWS IoT, MQTT, Azure IoT, Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire, MongoDB and AWS Aurora.

Enterprises can take advantage of these upgrades and access newly added application connectors by signing up for Connect iPaaS at

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RoboMQ Connect iPaaS is a no-code API and data integration platform that provides business process automation for the line of business users of HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations, and citizen integrators. Connect iPaaS differentiates itself with simple, intuitive and easy-to-use user experience (UX) with superior no-code integration capabilities.

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