Robin Murphy Repertory - A New Approach To Clinical Homoeopathy

Robin Murphy Repertory is based on clinical diagnosis & referencing from the materia medica encompassing homoeopathic tailored for practice of holistic, practical homoeopathy.

Modern homoeopathic practice entails a more clinical and practical approach towards patient diagnosis and remedy selection. The dynamicity of our science is such that we see the addition of newly proved remedies to the homoeopathic armamentum everyday.

Robin Murphy Repertory is the answer to the changing mode of prescribing in homoeopathy. The 3rd edition of the Robin Murphy Repertory is the upgraded version of the second, having 20,000 new rubrics and hundreds of new remedies.

The new Robin Murphy Repertory boasts of an updated database of modern medical terminology and disorders. It comprises thousands of new clinical rubrics that the physician can refer easily and in a more efficient manner.

An alphabetical mode of formatting of the Chapters as well as the rubrics and sub-rubrics makes searching through the vast and well-researched 74 chapters in the Robin Murphy Repertory an easy task and a delightful experience.

Robin Murphy Repertory includes gems from the original Kent's repertory, as well as significant embellishments from the literature of Samuel Hahnemann, Allen, Hering, Boericke, Knerr, Kunzli, Phatak, Boenninghausen, Burnett, Clarke, Grimmer, Julian, Kunzli, Nash, and many more noted authors.

All the additions included in the repertory have been included after a methodical review of the enormous literature of our homoeopathic treasures, so that the final output is a well-authenticated piece of writing that is the Robin Murphy Repertory.

With the concept of keeping practicality as the core of the Robin Murphy Repertory, Dr. Murphy himself adds a host of clinical updates from his years of homoeopathic experience and herbal study. Thousands of new clinical rubrics have been especially incorporated in sections of emergencies, infections, mental disorders and pathologies, thereby improving the chance of finding the similimum more easily than we thought in many clinical and pathological conditions.

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Some rubrics found only in Murphy's Repertory

The new remedies added in various rubrics staunchly refute the allegations that homoeopathy is an ancient and stagnant science. In fact, many new remedies added in Robin Murphy Repertory are dynamized versions of the modern allopathic drugs.

New Chapters in Robin Murphy Repertory: Cancer, Clinical, Dreams, Fainting, Gallbladder, Speech, Spleen, Taste, Time, Vaccinations, Weakness.

New Clinical Rubrics in Robin Murphy Repertory : Addictions, A.I.D.S., Anxiety attacks, Asphyxia, Appendicitis, Auto-immune disorders, Burns, Cancers, Chemotherapy, Chronic Fatigue, Compulsive-Obsessive Disorder, Coma, Dehydration, Diabetes, Drug overdose, Endometriosis, Food Poisoning, Gastroenteritis, Hepatitis, Herpes, Infertility, Influenza, Malaria, Mononucleosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Radiation Sickness, Retinitis, SARS, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Sea sickness, Surgery, Tetanus, Tourette's syndrome, Typhoid fever, Vaccinations, etc.

The Robin Murphy Repertory is one of the pioneers of the changing face of homoeopathy, veering the trend towards a more practical and clinical approach to the science, so that the physician can give a more confident prescription, thereby ensuring sure success in his practice.