Robin Litaker Touts Conservative Values, Endorsements Before Republican Primary

Robin Litaker

Robin Litaker, candidate for Alabama Public Service Commission Place 2, emphasized her conservative values and endorsements from prominent conservative groups and individuals before the Republican primary on May 24.

Addressing a small group of supporters, Litaker said: "For months now, I've been traveling this state talking to Republican groups. Everywhere I go, they've responded positively when I said that real Republicans believe in small government, lower taxes, less regulation, and lower fees for businesses and individuals.

"President Trump truly captured my attention and made me a fan, when I heard him talk about federal and state agencies being out of control. He was absolutely right, and nowhere else do we see this like Alabama's Public Service Commission. I'm running because I want to change that.

"The word 'conservative' isn't a label to be rolled out every four years so politicians can be re-elected. I believe 'conservative' should refer to actions, not empty political promises.

"I want to bring true conservative principles and leadership to the PSC. I want to fight for lower rates and lower fees, and fewer unnecessary regulations on our businesses. I want to be totally transparent in what I do, and report regularly to the people I work for—Alabama voters. I want to represent the people, not the special interests.

"I've been honored, and I'm humbled, by the endorsements I've received. The Alabama Republican Assembly, the South Alabama Republican Assembly, the Conservative Christians of Alabama, the Common Sense Campaign and Stand For Health Freedom—they've all given me their endorsement, and I'll work every day to be worthy of their trust.

"I'm especially grateful for Col. James Henderson's endorsement. As the former Executive Director of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, a Veteran, pastor, and staunch advocate of the pro-life cause, his endorsement carries tremendous weight. I'm blessed to be one of only two candidates he's endorsed this cycle.

Finally, I was very pleased on Sunday to be endorsed by Hoover City councilman Steve McClinton. Mr. McClinton's years of service to Hoover, the Birmingham area, and Alabama are well known, and I want to take that kind of servant-leadership mindset with me to Montgomery.

"These are the people who know me, and who know what I stand for. They've given me the great honor of endorsing me for Place 2 on the Public Service Commission, and I will not disappoint them when I'm elected."

Litaker is a retired educator and former Alabama Teacher Of The Year who lives in Homewood.

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Source: Robin Litaker Campaign