Robert Hahn's New Book 'Noises in the Dark' is a Fun Children's Narrative That Helps the Young With Their Fears in the Dark

Robert Hahn is an author who has worked at an amusement company and as a clown for over two decades doing kids’ parties. He has completed his most recent book “Noises In The Dark”:  a gripping and potent tale about fears in the darkness and telling it in a way that will comfort the young heart to sleep.

Robert writes, “This book was made because his son was afraid of the dark at three years old. Most of the time, he would just show him the pictures, and he would laugh about Buttons running away from noises in the dark. Then by the time he had shown him the whole book, he was asleep. Most of his books are that way because of a need that needed to be filled—usually just to see the smile on their faces. That’s all he ever needed—smiles and laughter.”

Published by Fulton Books, Robert Hahn’s book carries an amusing story that turns the young child’s fears into a fun chase in the dark as Buttons runs and seeks the noises that grow loud and loud.

This book wishes to help any child drive away their fears of the dark as the little ones read and flip open its pages.

Readers who wish to experience this delightful work can purchase “Noises In The Dark” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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