RMT, IRI and StatSocial Partner to Deliver DriverTag™ Psychographic Matched Brand Audiences


RMT (“Research Measurement Technologies”) announced a breakthrough advanced audience targeting solution that improves campaign ROAS and Brand ROI lift through direct targeting of individuals based upon the psychological match between the consumer and brand ad. This new service is now available to CPG brands on multiple platforms together with IRI ProScores®, providing advertisers with a purchase-based audience targeting solution optimized for exposure context and consumer psychological profiles.

In cooperation with leading social insights firm StatSocial, RMT analyzed the psychological attributes of 93,000,000 anonymized US consumers, assigning each a unique combination of 265 RMT DriverTags™, an independently validated profiling technique proven in multiple independent studies to improve campaign ROI/ROAS outcomes by matching the DriverTag™ psychological profile of the consumer to the DriverTag™ profile of the brand ad. This 1:1 deterministic matching process pioneered by RMT, is called “DriverTag™ Ad Resonance”, where each individual consumer is scored and ranked in terms of their potential to deliver an improved ROI and ROAS result for the advertised brand. In the final process step, consumers are screened for category and/or brand usage using IRI ProScores, ensuring that each consumer target with RMT DriverTags ™ is both a brand ad “psych-a-like” and “likely purchaser.”

ProScores is a perfect complement to the DriverTag™ Ad Resonance Technology, because it helps marketers to align creative and content to consumers who are purchasing actual products and categories.

JP Beauchamp

Principal of the IRI Media Center of Excellence

RMT Co-Founders Bill Harvey and Bill McKenna commented, “Today’s  announcement completes the RMT DriverTag™ product portfolio, offering advertisers and media owners privacy compliant psychological targeting of consumer audiences directly via the consumer or indirectly and contextually  via the TV Programs they view, the websites they visit and the YouTube Channels they access.”

StatSocial CEO Michael Hussey commented, “Research Measurement Technologies is at the forefront of building applications that bridge the gap across disparate yet complementary data assets, platforms, and identity solutions. We’re excited to be an important part of this solution.”

“ProScores is a perfect complement to the DriverTag™ Ad Resonance Technology, because it helps marketers to align creative and content to consumers who are purchasing actual products and categories,” said JP Beauchamp, principal of the IRI Media Center of Excellence.



  • Research Measurement Technologies (RMT), developer of the DriverTag™ technology has validated DriverTag™ utility in advertising planning, campaign activation, tracking and post analysis with set top box data, attitude scaling, machine learning, personalized program recommendation and conversion measurement.
    • Validation included Nielsen Catalina showing average +36% sales lift for ad-program resonance.
    • Visit http://www.rmt.solutions and contact us for more information.
  • Advertisers, agencies and adtechs can improve return on ad spend (ROAS) as much as 70 percent by engaging with the IRI Media Center of Excellence. With over 350 million frequent shopper loyalty cards, IRI has the largest loyalty card data asset available for 100 percent deterministic and probabilistic audiences, supplemented by the largest collection of point-of-sale, e-POS, consumer panel and causal data in the industry. IRI Media solutions arm clients with the ability to target consumers based on actual purchase behavior pre-campaign, adjust strategy mid-campaign through in-flight optimization, and enhance performance and spend through a deeper understanding of cross-channel synergies post-campaign. Please contact IRIMedia@IRIworldwide.com for more information.
  • StatSocial's data and analytical insights enable marketers, planners, and media sellers to identify and reach the best consumer prospects and measure marketing campaign effectiveness by leveraging uniquely social audience insights. StatSocial's insights are built upon a taxonomy of over 70,000 attributes (demographics, brand affinities, interests, TV shows, influencers, and IBM Watson Personality Insights) and linked to consumers covering 70% of US households.


RMT - Bill Harvey     bharvey@rmt.solutions

IRI – Robert Konkos    Robert.Konkos@IRIWorldwide.com

StatSocial - Tom Butler   tom@statsocial.com

Source: Research Measurement Technologies


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