RM RICOMAX Launches New Advanced Metal Detector for Accurate and Efficient Treasure Hunting

Discover Hidden Treasures with RM RICOMAX's New Advanced Metal Detector, Equipped with High Accuracy and Multiple Modes of Operation

RM RICOMAX, the leading brand in metal detecting, has launched a new metal detector that boasts advanced features and accurate detection capabilities. The new metal detector is equipped with a range of advanced features, including high accuracy, 5 modes of operation, IP68 waterproof design, 3 volume types, a large back-lit LCD display, and comes with accessories making it the perfect gift for beginners and enthusiasts.

The RM RICOMAX metal detector for adults is a powerful device that can accurately detect small coins, jewelry, and other metal objects in depths of up to 9.4 inches. With a 9.4" search coil, this metal detector increases the search range and allows users to detect metals quicker and more efficiently. It is ideal for treasure hunts in large spaces like forests or yards.

The metal detector has 5 different metal detection modes - All METAL MODE, DISC MODE, MEMORY MODE, JEWELRY MODE, and PINPOINTER - that help users find gold, coins, and other treasures. With these modes, users can find the right treasures and stop wasting time with other unwanted metals.

One of the unique features of the RM RICOMAX metal detector is its IP68 waterproof and lightweight design, which enables users to work underwater and make the most amazing findings on beaches, in streams, or in rivers. While the control box is not waterproof, the metal detector is lightweight and ergonomic, allowing users to enjoy outdoor hunting adventures without having to worry about the device's weight or discomfort.

The metal detector also has a super unique audio system that emits 3 different tones (high, medium, and low) for different types of metals. For example, the iron target/5 cent nickel jewelry will show a low tone (<40), the pull tab jewelry and 1cent/zinc S-caps jewelry will show a medium tone (40-60), and the silver/gold coin will show a high tone (>60). This metal detector allows users to find all the treasures they are looking for in less time.

Another significant feature of the RM RICOMAX metal detector is its large back-lit LCD screen that displays different types of metal targets, depth, recognition, sensitivity level, and operating mode, allowing users to detect more efficiently. The metal detector with a backlight LCD display is very convenient to read and shows all the important information users want to know, even in the dark. Users can go for night-time treasure-hunting adventures without any worry.

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RM RICOMAX is a leading brand in the metal detecting industry, known for its commitment to providing high-quality and innovative metal detectors. With years of experience in the industry, it has established itself as a trusted brand among metal detector enthusiasts and beginners alike.