RLM TrialGraphix Expands New York Office With Three Senior Leaders

High-stakes legal battles demand persuasive presentations of the evidence and professionals who have helped first-hand with hundreds of trials. RLM TrialGraphix, the nation's largest and most experienced presentation graphics and technology consulting firm, announces the addition of three senior litigation graphics consultants to their New York office.

Maureen Harrison, Managing Director, was formerly with TrialGraphix prior to RLM's 2014 acquisition. Joining RLM TrialGraphix after serving as a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting, Harrison will lead the Northeast Region. "It's fantastic to be reunited with many of my colleagues and working from RLM's focused platform. The leadership here values national teamwork which is critical to delivering the best possible work for our clients."

Ms. Harrison is joined by two other TrialGraphix alumni, Senior Litigation Consultants Marco Carega, also formerly with FTI Consulting, and Corley Schaller, formerly with DOAR. "For a couple of years, we went our separate ways, but RLM offers the advantage of talented and trusted colleagues and flexibility in serving clients," says Carega. Echoing that sentiment, Schaller added, "With RLM, I have the bandwidth and talent to deliver on tight deadlines without relying on contract help to get the job done—RLM's full-time professionals are a huge advantage."

"The expansion of our New York team aligns perfectly with our goal of being the leading provider for complex business litigation and our rapidly growing international arbitration practice." says Guy Joubert, founder and managing principal of RLM TrialGraphix.

Most RLM TrialGraphix clients come from the ranks of the AmLaw 100, American Lawyer's list of the nation's top grossing law firms or from direct corporate retention with Fortune 500 companies. Each year, RLM | TrialGraphix supports over 800 matters. Their professionals work closely with trial teams to develop and deliver persuasive trial presentations—graphics, illustrations, videos, and animations for jurors and for judges.

"We've assembled an unmatched team of twenty professionals in the Northeast region and are intensely focused on the New York market, to build on our existing talent base, and become the first-choice provider for high-stakes cases by New York firms," says Scott Carlin, a principal with the company.

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About RLM

RLM | TrialGraphix, started by three partners in 2006, focuses exclusively on two services for law firms that go hand-in-glove - making powerful graphic presentations and delivering them in court. The company's business can be summarized in the phrase, "From Concept to Courtroom®". RLM has over 80 full-time professionals in offices spanning the United States. For more information on doing business with RLM | TrialGraphix, visit www.goRLM.com.

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