Riverpoint Management Unites Team, Promotes Top Performers

Riverpoint Management's leaders bring their associates closer through a range of team events. The firm's Director of Operations discussed recent outings and promotions within the organization.

  “At Riverpoint Management, we believe in building people both personally and professionally,” stated Kelly, the Director of Operations. “We offer extensive training and continuing education to keep our associates’ skills as strong as possible. When it comes to personal development, we broaden our people’s horizons through a variety of team events. We bring our promotional specialists together outside the office to strengthen the bonds between them and inspire better collaboration on the job.”

Kelly and the rest of the Riverpoint Management leadership team organize all types of outings for their associates. The Director explained, “From industry conferences to barbecues, we are always looking for new ways to unite our talented professionals. We recently had a team night at PNC Park, where we watched our beloved Pirates take down the Cubs. Our people also enjoyed seeing “Finding Dory” at a drive-in theater, which was an especially memorable evening.”

Group outings like these give Riverpoint Management associates chances to grow closer both personally and professionally. Kelly remarked, “It helps people form bonds and build real friendships. This leads to stronger all-around camaraderie and a better work environment. Team nights also help us learn more about the influences in each other’s lives away from the industry, and they remind us how important our friends and families are in regard to our professional growth.”

"Team nights also help us learn more about the influences in each other's lives away from the industry, and they remind us how important our friends and families are in regard to our professional growth."


Director of Operations

Riverpoint Management’s Director Details Recent Promotions

Riverpoint Management leaders have created a culture of advancement, and Kelly is always proud to recognize her people’s achievements. She commented, “Our skilled professionals know exactly what they need to do in order to advance within our firm, and we empower them to thrive through ongoing training. When they master the skills required by a given position, we reward our associates with greater responsibilities.”

In July, three Riverpoint Management associates were promoted to the level of campaign management. The Director stated, “Raquel L., Dani M., and Tristan D. all took travel opportunities that were presented to them, and they all ran events in different cities. They learned how to create consistent returns for people behind promoted brands even when they were in unfamiliar environments. Each of these high achievers represented the company well and returned with great insights to share with the rest of our team.”

About Riverpoint Management

Riverpoint Management combines effective promotional strategy with impeccable delivery. Using interactive marketing, the firm helps its clients reach customers through initiatives that create measurable bottom line results. Every strategy is customized for the client to suit its objectives and the needs of its target consumer market. The end result is a promotion effort that creates strong mutually-beneficial bonds between clients and the prospective customers. Brand awareness increases by successfully entering new markets and strengthening position in current sectors, proving direct marketing methods are efficient and effective for small and large companies alike.​

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