Riverpoint Management Sets Goals for 2016

The executives at Riverpoint Management have established aggressive goals for 2016. The director of operations highlighted a focus on hiring during the first quarter.

“Now that 2015 is winding down, we are focused on preparations for the New Year,” said Kelly, the director of operations. “The past 12 months have been outstanding, so we would like to capitalize on our achievements. This is an exciting time to be part of the Riverpoint Management organization.”

Kelly and the executive team understand that the goal-setting process needs to begin long before the ball drops on the first of January first. “We have been engaged in planning sessions for quite some time,” she said. “The entire team has been involved. When you have a proper plan in place, everyone is ready to start the year on the right foot.”

“Before the first of the year, we review our business plan,” she added. “It’s a good time to see if our strategy is aligned with our company’s high-level goals. With the business climate constantly changing, it is necessary to make adjustments and identify the areas where we need to improve.”

"We have been engaged in planning sessions for quite some time,"


Director of Operations

The management team also takes the opportunity to examine the firm’s needs. “Having the best tools enables our associates to work efficiently,” said Kelly. “This is the time of year to make adjustments so we can maximize our success in the new year.”

Riverpoint Management’s Director Announces Hiring Push

Now that the 2016 plan has been defined, the executive team at Riverpoint Management is ready to expand into new markets. “The added promotional activity will require us to bring in new talent,” said Kelly. “During the first quarter of 2016, we will be launching an aggressive hiring initiative.”

“We are looking for high achievers who are interested in learning the business,” added the director. Individuals who would like to explore career opportunities should refer to the company’s website. “At Riverpoint Management, we offer unlimited opportunities for advancement. It’s a great place to work!”

Kelly and the executive team are excited about the company’s prospects for the New Year. “The goals we have established will enable us to exceed our prior results,” she said. “Our attention to detail ensures we are primed for success. On behalf of everyone at Riverpoint Management, we are looking forward to a prosperous 2016.”

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Riverpoint Management combines effective promotional strategy with impeccable delivery. Using interactive marketing, the firm helps its clients reach customers through initiatives that create measurable bottom line results. Every strategy is customized for the client to suit its objectives and the needs of its target consumer market. The end result is a promotion effort that creates strong mutually-beneficial bonds between clients and the prospective customers. Brand awareness increases by successfully entering new markets and strengthening position in current sectors, proving direct marketing methods are efficient and effective for small and large companies alike.

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