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Riverpoint Management’s Director of Operations detailed an upcoming conference and the team-building potential of travel. She also discussed the commercial benefits of attending industry events. 

“We gain so much when our Riverpoint Management team members attend conferences,” stated Kelly, the firm’s Director of Operations. “Of course, there is a lot to learn at these events, and our people take full advantage of the collected wisdom on display. Beyond that, though, our associates grow closer as people through shared travel experiences.” The many positive outcomes of business trips inspire Riverpoint Management’s leaders to explore every opportunity.

Company leaders know that their team members work together well, and that they understand each other’s talents. Kelly believes her associates come to know each other much better through travel events, however. She explained, “Collaboration and high morale are key elements of Riverpoint Management’s success. When our people get away from the daily grind to see new places and meet new people, these cultural aspects are greatly strengthened.” 

"We gain so much when our Riverpoint Management team members attend conferences."


Director of Operations

Riverpoint Management associates also get to build their professional networks when they travel to industry functions. “Conferences and seminars are ideal for networking,” Kelly added. “Our people are very good at forging meaningful bonds in crowded situations, and I know this conference will provide us with an array of new allies and future opportunities.” 

Riverpoint Management’s Director of Operations Outlines the Professional Benefits of Attending Conferences

“It’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to the commercial benefits of industry conferences,” the Director stated. “For one thing, your team members get to learn from influential leaders by listening to keynote speeches and by meeting with them face to face.” Kelly noted that those types of encounters don’t happen every day, and in some cases they’re once-in-a-lifetime experiences. “It’s pretty amazing who you can rub shoulders with at big conferences, and our Riverpoint Management associates have quite a few stories to tell in that regard.”

Riverpoint Management specializes in interactive marketing. Venturing out to an industry gathering is a prime opportunity to refine best practices and learn new techniques. “It’s always nice to discuss emerging trends in our industry with those who know best,” Kelly added. “Our associates get to explain our company’s unique methods to their peers, and I think this prepares them to do the same with consumers.” The Director and her fellow Riverpoint Management leaders view conferences as illuminating practice runs that foreshadow future promotional successes. 

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