Riverpoint Management Looks for Recent Grads in Hiring Push

Principals at Riverpoint Management announced a hiring initiative. While all qualified applicants will be considered, the firm's hiring managers are especially interested in speaking with recent college graduates.

“It’s incredible how quickly things happen today,” stated Kelly, Riverpoint Management’s Director of Operations. “Thanks to technological advances like the Internet and handheld communication devices, information can literally travel around the globe in seconds. This is the pace at which business happens.”

To stay relevant in such a demanding landscape, Kelly and the Riverpoint Management team find ways to continually diversify their offerings. This approach has allowed the firm to expand, which means there are several openings for ambitious professionals looking for sales and marketing careers.

"We don't have jobs here - only careers,"

Kelly, Director of Operations

“We don’t have jobs here – only careers,” the Director explained. “All our positions have a detailed trajectory that shows professionals how they can earn their ways into upper management and beyond. With our world-class training system and one-on-one coaching, a high achiever working with us can make a name for himself or herself in the sales marketing industry.”

The Director is especially interested in talking to recent college graduates, because they are most familiar with the latest tech tools and consumer trends. This group also has tremendous amounts of drive and enthusiasm, and isn’t afraid to learn new ways of doing things.

Riverpoint Management’s Director Shares Hiring Initiative Strategy

Knowing that the best talent will be interviewing her company while she interviews them, Kelly shared the detailed strategy used by Riverpoint Management’s leaders to attract quality candidates. “Once people know how seriously we take the search for talent, they’re more likely to trust that this is a great place to be,” she claimed.

First, Kelly feels it’s important to let potential interviewees know the hiring push has been planned for months. Riverpoint Management’s leadership team has been discussing what qualities would be needed most by the time Q1 of 2016 came around, and now they know exactly what they’re looking for during the interview process.

Part of this planning phase was the development of performance profiles that clearly outline the responsibilities of each position, and define what success would look like in that role. Said Kelly, “As a talented professional, I wouldn’t consider taking a position without knowing exactly what would be expected of me. It’s only fair that I extend that same courtesy to others.”

This level of clarity actually allows Kelly and the Riverpoint Management team to assure new recruits that they are likely to feel much more satisfied with their positions once they’re brought on board. Hiring managers don’t have to make false promises or upsell intangibles like titles. Instead, they focus on mutually beneficial information – what an individual will learn, what the position requires, and what opportunities for advancement exist. “I’m proud of our team and what they have to offer. Anyone interested in a satisfying career should visit our website.”

About Riverpoint Management

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