Ritter's Printing & Packaging Introduces State-of-the-Art Equipment, Enhancing Their Label Printing Services

Ritter's Printing & Packaging Elevates Their Label Printing Services

Ritter's Printing & Packaging

Ritter’s Printing & Packaging is proud to announce the launch of its new cutting-edge label printing equipment. Featuring two state-of-the-art pieces of equipment, the Fort Lauderdale-based printing company is set to elevate client options in color and finish types. These new additions will enhance their already comprehensive range of label printing services. 

Since 1988, Ritter’s Printing & Packaging has consistently led the way in offering fast and effective printing and packaging solutions to their clients. Their latest addition consists of two pieces of revolutionary equipment: the Bobst LB702 Label Press and the GM DC350Flex+ finisher.

The Bobst LB702 Label Press offers a range of label printing options, with an expanded color gamut that includes six colors (CMYKOV) plus white printing capabilities. The Bobst LB702 will enable Ritter’s Printing & Packaging to color match virtually any Pantone color while offering an industry-leading 1200x1200 dpi resolution on all label prints. Prime labels are now available for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Health and beauty
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Household goods
  • Pet supplies
  • Industrial

The new label press can print 100,000 linear feet per eight-hour shift, offering clients a quick turnaround time on both short and long-run projects. Clients can also print multiple SKUs with varying quantities in one run, while also benefiting from sequential numbering and barcodes.

The GM DC350Flex+ finisher offers clients a wide variety of gloss and matte finishing options using UV varnish or film lamination. For higher-quality prime labels, there are specialty films and coatings that add sensory components like soft-touch, holographic, and textured materials. Cold foil, metallic inks, and varnishes are available to enhance the label printing. Clients can also make use of cast and cure, which allows for an etched image onto the printing substrate.

Ritter’s Printing & Packaging President Steve Ritter is excited about the two new additions to their label printing equipment:

"With this investment, we can deliver labels in days, not weeks, print with industry-leading quality, and, thanks to the inkjet printing technology, we can eliminate expensive legacy processes like flexo plates and tooling." 

Ritter’s Printing & Packaging is confident their new label press and finisher will add significant value to their current label printing services. Their philosophy, “Get noticed, get business,” rings true with their latest label printing equipment addition. 

Ritter’s Printing & Packaging is South Florida’s premium printing and packaging company, offering a wide range of custom printing and packaging services:

Ritter's Printing & Packaging offers fast and effective printing & packaging solutions of the highest quality. With a host of sustainable printing options, they also take an environmentally responsible approach to manufacturing. 

Contact Ritter's Printing & Packaging at 954-771-7204 to take advantage of their latest label printing technology.

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