Ritani Adds Colored Lab Diamonds to Inventory

Ritani has expanded its diamond inventory and now offers customers colored lab-grown diamonds, adding to the already available 200,000+ diamonds online.

Ritani Green Lab Diamond

Ritani, the leading online seller of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and fine jewelry announced the addition of colored lab diamonds to inventory, allowing customers to purchase stones in at least five colors: blue, pink, yellow, orange, and green.  

Currently, the brand offers colored lab-grown diamonds in most shapes from .15 carats up to more than 11 carats in size and an extensive range of intensities and clarity grades.

"We have always focused on giving customers the ability to create their vision of a perfect engagement ring or piece of jewelry at a price point that makes sense for everyone. I am proud to say that we have expanded our diamond inventory even further to give people access to a colorful range of diamonds to fit any personality," says Joel Klein, CEO of Ritani. 

To view Ritani's colored lab-grown diamond collection, visit here.

Source: Ritani