'Risk Averse' Investors Urged to Note Market Volatility Projections

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​Market volatility rates are projected to be on the upswing in comparison to the last seven years, a likelihood that will be of great interest to millions of "risk averse" investors, says top financial advisor Larry Rosenthal, president of Rosenthal Wealth Management.

“We’ve seen below-normal volatility levels for five of the last seven years but 2019 looks to be different, with volatility rising. Many risk averse investors will want to give that likelihood serious consideration,” Rosenthal said.

“Some investors may feel that ‘normal’ volatility does not warrant any changes in their ongoing investment strategies but others who are more risk averse may want to make changes that provide greater investment protections,” Rosenthal said.

Market volatility is a measure of the number of days in a year that the market fluctuates by greater than one percent in a single day. Historical stock market data shows that the average number of days in a year in which the fluctuation is greater than one percent is 62. That data says further that annual volatility over the last 10 years has ranged from a high of 117 in 2009 to a low of eight in 2017.

Rosenthal said that the volatility level forecast is based on “how the markets are looking for direction. Today, markets are reacting more to trading statistics and trends than to intrinsic stock value and that is causing the volatility. As time moves on, however, market trends will likely smooth out as trading re-focuses on stock fundamentals.

“Investors need to sit down with their advisor and discuss the risk levels they are carrying. If they are getting closer to needing their money, they may need to become more conservative with it. They may want to ensure those investments can become timely, tax-efficient streams of income from reliable sources.”  

As a much sought-after financial advisor, Rosenthal has appeared regularly on Fox Business News and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney, U.S. News and World Report, CNBC’s The Nightly Business Report, The Washington Post, USA Today, Money, Bloomberg, The Chicago Tribune, The Fiscal Times, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, Consumer Report’s Money Advisor, The Washington Times, Financial Planning, Financial Advisor and others.

Rosenthal has been providing financial counseling for about three decades. He presently has offices in McLean, Manassas and Stafford, Virginia, and Baltimore, Maryland. Additionally, he has co-authored the book “Financial Success in the Year 2000 and Beyond.” His next book is expected out in mid-2019.

Rosenthal is also the host of “Making Money Sense,” a radio show that has aired every Saturday morning on D.C.’s WAVA from 9–10 a.m. since 2004 and is now nationally simulcast via satellite on SiriusXM channel 131.

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