RisingWave is Open Source Now

Singularity Data is pleased to announce that it open-sourced RisingWave, a cloud-native streaming database that uses SQL as the interface language, on Friday, April 8, 2022. RisingWave is designed to reduce the complexity and cost of building real-time applications. It consumes streaming data, performs continuous queries, and updates results dynamically. As a database system, RisingWave maintains results inside its own storage and allows users to access data efficiently. 

Founded in early 2021, Singularity Data brought together seasoned database researchers and practitioners who acquired experience working in AWS Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, LinkedIn, Uber, etc. As a Series A startup, they have raised tens of millions of U.S. Dollars from top-tier VC funds and angels.

Why RisingWave? To Democratize Stream Processing!

Stream processing should not be the privilege of big techs and deep pockets. It should not be treated as a monster whose power can only be harnessed by talented engineers. Stream processing should benefit everyone, from data scientists to decision-makers, from large enterprises to small businesses. At Singularity Data, we invest all our efforts in democratizing stream processing. We are building RisingWave, a cloud-native streaming database that makes stream processing simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

Stream Processing Made Simple

RisingWave is a distributed streaming database that provides standard SQL as the interactive interface. It speaks in PostgreSQL dialect and can be seamlessly integrated with the PostgreSQL ecosystem with no code change. RisingWave treats streams as tables and allows users to compose complex queries over streaming and historical data declaratively and elegantly.

Stream Processing Made Affordable 

The cloud-native architecture enables RisingWave to fully leverage elastic resources provided by the cloud platforms. As a fully managed service, RisingWave deploys, maintains, and scales in the cloud on its own, without human interference from the user side. Once users set their service-level agreement (SLA), RisingWave will automatically assemble different tiers of compute and storage resources in the cloud to achieve the performance goal at a minimal cost. RisingWave is serverless: users pay for the service on an as-used basis, and users do not need to pay unless they use the service. 

Stream Processing Made Accessible 

Instead of developing RisingWave by relying on the experience of a small group of experts, we design and implement it within the open-source community. We decided to open-source RisingWave kernel under Apache License 2.0, a permissive free software license. Everyone can participate in the design of the RisingWave project roadmap; everyone can deploy the distributed streaming database in their own cloud service; everyone can contribute and send feedback to the community. 

How to Contribute 

Get started by checking out the source code at GitHub or joining our emerging community on Slack. By following us on Twitter and LinkedIn you will stay up-to-date with the most recent developments.

Source: Singularity Data