Rising Capital Associates Recognizes Employee, Jay Wehrenberg, for Helping Out the Most Customers in a Single Year

Top-Performing Employee is Recognized for His Hard Work and Dedication for 2016

Rising Capital Associates, a leading structured settlement purchaser and annuity buyer, is paying tribute to a top-achieving employee within the company. Jay Wehrenberg was recognized for helping out the most amount of customers in a single fiscal year.

Jay worked one-on-one with his clients to come up with strategies that ensured their money was utilized in the best possible way. He assisted a customer in starting his own food truck business through opting for a cash settlement. Jay also helped a customer expand a family-run business in where the customer required additional monetary help in order to bolster the operation.

When an individual opts for a structured settlement, he or she is deciding to spend funds alternatively. This is especially wise for those who want to invest the funds into something that they’ve always wanted, or assist in paying off outstanding debt. Structured settlements are also very helpful when it comes to funding retirement and assisted living accommodations.

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Rising Capital Associates has over 30 years of combined industry experience in the life settlement market. The company focuses on working with you to find a solution that meets your financial needs. They help customers with structured settlements and annuity purchasing, and have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Rising Capital Associates is dedicated to providing clients with the best lump sum purchase for your structured settlement, annuity, or lottery payment.

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Source: Rising Capital Associates