Ripple Science Partners With Western University, Ontario to Drive Neuroscience Study Participant Recruitment

Ripple releases new Web to Lead feature in partnership with BrainsCAN, a neuroscience research initiative located at Western University

Ripple Science

​Ripple Science, a SaaS company accelerating clinical research, has partnered with BrainsCAN, Western University’s Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) initiative in cognitive neuroscience, to develop the OurBrainsCAN participant registry.

Through the partnership, Ripple Science recently released the Ripple SaaS Web to Lead Screening Form enabling researchers to engage the community to promote participation in cognitive neuroscience studies conducted at Western University. Ripple’s web-to-lead feature drives recruitment by providing an easily accessible and confidential form allowing participants to register themselves for studies. Expanding registration size and diversity increases the depth and success of trials which enhances innovation and discovery.

“People in the community are often interested in participating in research and we wanted to provide a convenient and secure way for them to sign up, which will increase our sample size,” shared Dr. Laura Gonzalez, BrainsCAN Community Research Coordinator and co-developer of OurBrainsCAN. “Having a large sample size that is representative of the community will allow us to really apply our research discoveries to the general population.”

“The Ripple Team approached the collaborate with BrainsCAN as an essential step in meeting the needs of multi-site clients engaged in large population studies," commented Peter Falzon, Ripple Science CEO. “It was great validation to see BrainsCAN exceed their enrollment targets with several hundred participants self-registering via Ripple’s web-to-lead feature within weeks of its release.”

About Ripple Science

Ripple Science accelerates clinical research with its secure, HIPAA-compliant suite of tools. By adapting sales and marketing automation to the process of patient recruitment, Ripple helps our customers recruit more participants, faster and reduces patients lost to follow-up.

Ripple Science’s flagship product, Ripple, is currently being used by research investigators at more than 50 academic and research centers around the world, including Johns Hopkins University, Pennsylvania State University, University of California Los Angeles, the Brain Research Foundation Canada, University of East Anglia (UK), Cognito Therapeutics (Boston, MA) and the University of Michigan.

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About Western’s BrainsCAN

BrainsCAN, Western University’s Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) initiative in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, aims to transform the way brain diseases and disorders are understood, diagnosed and treated. Through its innovative funding programs, BrainsCAN brings together scientists from all disciplines, working across species and levels of analysis, to find effective solutions for maintaining a healthy brain.

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