Ringcat 'Pun Kit Line' Launch

Ringcat is pleased to present the Pun Kit Line, a collection of whimsical cross-stitch patterns and kits for crafters who love to make hand-stitched projects as gifts or for the simple joy of creativity


Monique van Nieuwamerongen, owner of the Netherlands company, Ringcat, is pleased to announce the release of her Pun Kit Line, a craft collection including ten of her most popular pun-themed mini cross-stitch patterns, each available as an instant digital download from her online shop, or as a cross-stitch kit including fabric, thread, needles, a printed pattern, and an embroidery hoop.

Designed to fill the need for fun, satisfying, and quick-to-complete craft projects, each of Ringcat’s cross-stitch patterns fills a 3-inch embroidery hoop with a whimsical image of a pet/animal, food/drink or household object accompanied by a short line of text containing a verbal pun relating to the item.

The ten-piece Pun Kit Line includes digital cross-stitch patterns based on the following puns, combined with related cartoon-style images:

·         Avocato

·         You are one in a melon

·         Pup of tea

·         You got a pizza my heart

·         This is my jam

·         It's a brew tiful day

·         Positivi tea

·         I love you a latte

·         Purr bread cat

·         Mana tea

As a creative designer and self-professed “geeky cat lover,” Monique has always enjoyed creative projects, particularly the satisfying art of cross stitch, using a needle, colorful threads, and “Aida” fabric. In tune with her artistic nature, Monique listens to alternative rock music, is a vegan, and wears practical alternative clothing.

After being diagnosed in 2015 with a degenerative motor neuron disease, Monique discovered that with a few modifications to her previously active lifestyle, she can now digitally design cross-stitch patterns, which allows her to continue being creative without sacrificing her health or personal comfort.

Monique is aware that while cross-stitch is a popular and even a worldwide hobby, not everyone wants to spend weeks or months on a single project. With this idea in mind, Monique came up with the perfect solution of designing small-scale cross stitch patterns that can be completed quickly and easily. Each of her cross stitch designs can be started and finished within only a few hours, depending on the skill level and amount of free time a crafter spends on the project.

In her own words, Monique states, “Sometimes you just want to relax and finish your creative project in an afternoon or so. That is why I started creating cross stitch patterns and kits that are small, fast and easy to make. Each design will fit a 3-inch embroidery hoop. All my patterns and kits come with clear instructions so that even beginners can experience the joy of cross stitching.”

A Ringcat cross-stitch pattern is the perfect creative gift idea for any occasion:

·         Birthday gift

·         Christmas gift

·         DIY gift

·         Funny gift

·         Geeky gift

·         Gift for cat lover

·         Gift for coffee lover

·         Gift for tea lover

·         Home decor

·         Kitchen decor

·         Nursery décor

The Pun Kit Line is being released on Aug. 17, 2018, in the online shop at: https://ringcat.etsy.com

For more information, visit the Ringcat blog at http://ringcats.wordpress.com

Ringcat can also be followed online through the following social media links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ringcat

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ringcat

Pinterest: https://nl.pinterest.com/ringcatshop

Tumblr: http://ringcat.tumblr.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ringcatshop

As a bonus incentive to her fans and followers, Monique offers a special discount coupon code each month to anyone who joins the Ringcat VIP mailing list at: http://eepurl.com/drNIin

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