Ridge RTC Adolescent & Teen Treatment Center Announces In-Network Partnership with AETNA

Ridge RTC Adolescent

RIDGE Adolescent Residential Treatment Center is proud to announce its newest in-network partnership with AETNA, effective in New Hampshire on March 1, 2024, and effective in Maine on April 15th. This in-network agreement provides coverage for residential treatment at RIDGE RTC’s mental health facilities for teens, including boys and girls ages 12-18, on both campuses.

Since its inception, Ridge Treatment Center has been dedicated to offering personalized, client-centered treatment for adolescents. The programs' dedicated team utilizes various therapeutic techniques, adapting their approach according to the unique circumstances and needs of each teen. Ridge RTC holds a strong belief in addressing the entire individual, not just previous diagnoses. Ridge RTC's dedication to client-centered care and a wide array of services, including managing depression, anxiety, trauma disorders, mood disturbances, co-occurring substance abuse, and other teen mental health challenges, has cemented its reputation as a trusted provider in both New Hampshire and Maine.

"Becoming a part of AETNA's in-network providers enables us to extend our exceptional treatment services to a wider range of families. This significant milestone reflects our dedication to advancing our mission of ensuring high-quality care is readily accessible to all," said Rudy Novak, Vice President of Clinical Partnerships.

RIDGE RTC's In-network relationships now include AETNA, Optum, and Magellan Health.

For more information about our new agreement with Aetna or for assistance with a referral, please contact Rudy Novak, Vice President of Clinical Partnerships, at 856-906-2980 or rnovak@altiorhealthcare.com. Those interested in learning more about RIDGE RTC's programs are encouraged to visit https://theridgertc.com


Rudolph Novak, JD CIP
VP of Clinical Partnerships

Source: Ridge RTC

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