RideNow Powersports Achieves Creative Excellence: Wins Gold Davey Award for Collaborative Video Production

Unleashing Creativity on the Big Screen, RideNow Powersports and Vibrant Media Productions Garner Gold Davey Award for Energizing In-Stadium Video Production

RideNow Powersports & Vibrant Media Teams Pose For Photo

Elevating the standard for creative collaboration and ingenuity, RideNow Powersports, in partnership with Vibrant Media Productions, has received the esteemed Gold Davey Award for its inaugural video production. This groundbreaking video, currently electrifying audiences inside EverBank Stadium during Jacksonville Jaguars' home games, has garnered critical acclaim and set a high bar for creative enterprise in the powersports industry.

This extraordinary achievement underscores the seamless collaboration between RideNow Powersports and Orlando-based Vibrant Media Productions. Despite facing tight deadlines and challenging production conditions, the partnership triumphed, delivering a piece that resonates with energy, quality, and innovation.

"Collaborating with Vibrant Media Productions has allowed us to push creative boundaries and produce a video that not only engages the audience but also embodies the spirit of our brand," said Preston Ritchie, Sr. Project Manager at RumbleOn, the parent company of RideNow Powersports. "This recognition affirms our commitment to pursuing excellence in all forms of communication, from in-stadium experiences to digital presence," echoed Josh Bills, Creative Director at RumbleOn.

The production's quality is a testament to the creative synergy between the teams, a dynamic that leveraged each company's strengths. "The project demanded innovative thinking and a bold approach, qualities that RideNow Powersports brings to every endeavor," commented Alex Cascio, Co-Owner of Vibrant Media Productions.

Produced with strategic efficiency, the video highlights the compelling partnership between RideNow Powersports and the Jacksonville Jaguars, signaling a new era of creative content within the sporting and powersports industries. The Davey Awards, celebrating the achievements of fearless entities armed with big ideas, have recognized this triumph.

Andrew Peska, National Director of Events and Sponsorships at RumbleOn, reflected on the journey, stating, "This award marks a milestone in our continuous quest for innovation. With partners like Vibrant Media Productions, who share our vision and passion, we are excited about forging new paths in our industry."

As RideNow Powersports looks to the future, their focus remains on breaking barriers and setting new standards in creative excellence within the powersports industry.

For further details on the forces behind this award-winning production, visit RideNow Powersports at www.ridenow.com and explore Vibrant Media Productions' creative portfolio at www.vibrantmediaproductions.com.

Source: RideNow Powersports

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